Thursday, October 3, 2013

Deelite Make Over Complete:)

I can finally say that we are done with our renovations:) Hip Hip Hurray!!!!!
 I'm lovin our new register

 Remember this shot I took standing from the corner inside our old register
 And look at it now:)
 Everything is slowly coming together in our retail store. We've been busy restocking all the shelves. I want to give a shout out to our retail sales team as they have been working hard puting all the stock out. And not just out but looking pretty too:) Look how pretty our new Candy Corner is perfect for Halloween season:) Great job retail team!!!

I also got a new makeover. Here's my oldie photo back in 2009
about photo
You're probably wondering why I did a makeover picture. Well I thought showing the same photo 2 years in row for Hong Kong International Baking Expo would be a bit boring so I thought why not just do a brand new photo. 
And here is the cake design I will be teaching at HKIBE
Couture Cheetah Handbag and Shoe Cake

Have a great week:)