Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 Tier Fantasy Wedding cake

Recently we made a gorgeous Fantasy wedding cake for a beautiful wedding at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.
The cake was 5 tiers of alternating flavors chocolate & red velvet and it was covered head to toe with hand made White Gumpaste flowers.
We made oodles of Magnolia flowers in different sizes, sweet peas, Peonies, Roses, Rose buds, Hydrageas and leaves.
It all looked amazing at our cake studio but nothing compared to how it looked on stage in the ballroom.
Heres a shot of me after we did a test run on how we were goĆ­ng to transport this giant beauty.
What you see here is only a fraction of all the flowers used. We had to continue putting more flowers on at the venue. 
 When we arrived our team of people stacked each tier slowly, steadily and quickly...Slowly because of the flowers, steadily because of the flowers then at the end quickly because the cakes were so heavy our muscles were about to burst:)
 After stacking we added more and more and more and did I say MORE flowers. Piece by piece it started to look UHMAZE!!!
After puting all the flowers I couldn't wait to see our Giant Beauty:) It was exactly how I imaged it. 
And you know what the best part is, this cake was a total surprise for the bride. 
The bride really wanted this exact cake. But the bride thought that they were going to have a simple wedding cake which was fine with her. The groom then planned this Wedding cake extravaganza. 
Eeeek I"m jumping outta my seat I luv surprises. 
And can we say the groom gets TRIPLE bonus points for his wedding cake surprise!!!!
So here's how the cake looked before delivery.
Tada!!! Here's how it looked after we added more flowers and jazzed it up

You'll luv the video:)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Deelite & Wilton Method Instructor Seminar!!!

We just had the most amazing time hosting our second Wilton Method Instructor Seminar.
What an honor it was for us to have the opportunity to meet and work with all the new Wilton Method . Instructors from all over Asia and the fabulous Wilton Team
We had representatives from China , Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam & Thailand.
The room was filled with so many different languages but the common language everyone had was the love for cake decorating.
The week started off with a bang as the Wilton team wowed everyone with their teaching skills. 
Everyday all the students were treated with incredible tea time buffet displays created by the Shangri-La pastry team.
 All the future Wilton instructors were inspired by the fantastic Wilton team.
 Everyone was busy decorating all week:)
On the fifth day all the future Wilton Method Instructors worked really hard on their final cakes for a final exam grading to make sure all their techniques were up to par.
They all passed with flying colors Yippeeeee.
We hosted a very special graduation ceremony to celebrate with them.
We prepared a very special dessert table exclusively featuring all of Wilton and Kimmie Candy products.
The dessert was a big hit. They all deserved to have a sweet welcome after all of their hard work:)


We had it planned in the beginning of the seminar to take photos of everyone so that we could make everyone a personalized lollipop photo cookie. The cookies were a big hit!!!
Everyone had so much fun looking for their cookie pops:)

Here are the Wilton trainers cutting into the Giant Cupcake:)


  Here are all the instructor trainers enjoying some traditional Chinese instrumental music.
Every candidate was presented with a Wilton Method Instructor certificate and an official Wilton Apron.
Hurray, presenting Class of 2013:)
Welcome all to the Wilton Family!!!

I had a marvelous time with the Wilton team and it was really great to catch up and reminisce after so many years. Boy how time flies. 
I was trained by Rose and Cora about 9 years ago and what a life changing experience it was for me. I remember learning from them that being a great instructor is never about the instructor but always about the the students. The same way I was taught is the same way I always aspired to teach.
Thank you to the Wilton team for all your supppot & hard work!!!
Here we are in 2006 we hosted the very first ever Wilton Method Training Seminar in Asia
Here we are 7 years later:) Good Times!!!! and look forward to many more memories:)