Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chanel Luv:)

Here are our latest couture cakes:) Of course everything pink always makes things so much more FABULOUS!!!

Here's a 3 tier Chanel themed cake.

Even the Chanel Bag was a cake. Red Velvet flavor

Ok so perhaps you're not really into is that even possible????.......ok ok I'll cut you some slack on that. I have a secret weapon:)......This lil cutie may soften you up:)

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuv Pink:)

Enjoy our Chanel Luv video:) xoxo-j

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our New cupcake portfolio:)

Have you noticed??? We've been busy revamping all of our portfolios.

We updated our new Cupcake portfolio about a week ago. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

It took some time for us to reorganize all the categories but it was so worth it.

It is so much easier to find what you want now. YIPPEEEE:)

Here's a lil preview
Fashion Collection

Kids Collection

Corporate Cupcakes & More:)

I hope you enjoy our new cupcake catalogue as much as I do:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Sale is On:)

Our annual summer sale is on starting today July 18th -30th.
We have a bunch of goodies I know you will go crazy for:)


Select Wilton Products 20-50% off

Cake Craft England & Satin Ice 20% Off

Gumpaste Flowers, Baking Ingredients & More:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Latest Press Events and Photoshoots

I had a fabulous time this past week doing a photo shoot with Hong Kong Tatler Magazine. They will be publishing a special wedding issue coming out in August. I was so happy to be apart of the special issue:)

Here I am demonstrating how to make Gum paste flowers for a Garden Wedding Cupcake Tower.

Tiffany & Co Wedding Event at Landmark

We made Tiffany inspired cupcake towers for Tiffany's Wedding Event

Doesn't this dessert table just wanna get married?

Or if you're already married don't yo just wanna get married again:)

So happy the Bride luved our cupcake towers.

Max & Co 2011 Summer Collection Lollipop cookies.

We made an assortment of 150 of these adorable dress cookies for Max & Co's Grand Opening in IFC Mall. Each dress replicated their Summer Collection.

For Christian Louboutin's exclusive trunk show, we make 200 of these fabulous Louboutin inspired cupcakes.

Sassy Loubi Legs:)

Last but not least, I had an opportunity to do a photo shoot and interview with CNN.Go. I talked about the early days of Complete Deelite in 2004 and Wedding cake trends, classics and what inspires us to do what we do.

Here's the article.

Jacinta Yu opened her party-wares shop in Lan Kwai Fong seven years ago. She was one of the first to sell party supplies in Hong Kong, importing from the United Kingdom and United States.
"When I was young, I loved hosting parties," says Yu. "I did everything myself and had to visit several different stores to get what I needed for a party. So I decided to open my own store that sells everything related to throwing parties."

"Towering layers of sugary beauty.
Her shop, Complete Deelite, is like a mini-mart for party hosts with an emphasis on baking. Here you can order cakes tailored to your needs, take lessons in baking all sorts of cakes as well as buy spcialty
baking supplies.
"Baking cakes is like learning to write the alphabet, every student writes the same letters but with their own distinct handwriting," says Yu. "Baking is an art."
Yu feels that weddings today are too commercialized. "The couple should create their own unique wedding. There is no such thing as a 'perfect' wedding, only near-perfect."
Yu tries her best to satisfy customers. She offers 10 wedding cake flavors and endless cake topping ideas. "I have to be continuously inspiring. If someone copied my ideas, then I will come up with something completely new tomorrow."
Yu's favorite cake is the one she made for her own wedding in 2010. It was 2.5 meters tall and covered in 3,000 sugar paste flowers. " CNN.GO.Com

And Last but certainly not least...Thank You: CNN.GO, Max & CO,Tiffany & Co, Christian Louboutin & Hong Kong Tatler for making what we do such a DEELITE:)

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to make Beach Flip Flop Cake Pops!

Summer is officially here! And to kick off this sizzling season, why don't we make some flip flop cake pops. Aren't they the cutest:)

What you Need for CakePops:

-Cake Crumbs -Cream Cheese Icing -Lollipop Sticks -Styrofoam Block

What you need to decorate your Flip Flop Pops:

Edible Food markers-Oval Cutter-Food Writer-Blue Candy Melts-Cookie Crumbs

-Edible food markers (Wilton) -White Fondant (Satin Ice) -Oval (Wilton) cutter set.

You will be using the smallest oval cutter.

-Blue Candy Melts (Wilton) -Cookie Crumbs (edible sand)

Now that we have all our ingredients and goodies. We can make our flip flops.
1) Roll out a small piece of white fondant.

3. Use your smallest oval cutter and cut out all your oval shapes.

4. To make your flip flop shapes, you gently squeeze the center of your ovals making a waistline

Like this

6. This is the most important part, you will have to flip all your flip flops.

As soon as you do that, you will start to see your flip flops come to life.

7. After flipping all your flops, dry out you flip flops just a bit, (about 10 minutes). I know, you're so excited to use your food writers but trust me, just 10 minutes will make drawing on your flip flops so much easier.

Tick , tock, tick , tock .......

8) Ahhhhh after 10 minutes you can now start drawing:)

And you can use as many colors as you like:)

After drawing, set all your beautiful flip flops aside and we can start decorating our pops:)

If this is your first time making cake pop or you need a refresher on how to dip and melt your candy melts. Watch this DIY Cake Pop video and I promise you will be a cake pop pro:)

What you Need for Pops: -Cake Crumbs -Cream Cheese Icing -Lollipop Sticks -Cookie Crumbs -Styrofoam Block -Candy Melts

9) Melt your Blue Candy Melts and dip your lillipop sticks into the Cake Balls

(as shown on video)

10) Dip your pops into the Blue Melts or shall we say Blue Ocean:)

11) Dunk your blue pops into your bowl of cookie crumbs (Sand) and place it into your styrofoam block.

***Tip: Before dunking into your cookie crumbs, make sure all your blue melts have been tapped off of your cake pop (watch video) or else your cookie crumbs will start to cry :( and drip off your pop.

Take one of your pretty flip flops apply some candy melts onto the bottom of your flops with a tooth pick and then stick them on top of your pop


Happy beach flip flops:)

You can even bedazzle your flip flops with edible glitter. FABULOUS!!!!

Hope you have fun making these adorable beach flip flop pops.

Have a great summer and don't forget to wear your sun screen:)

ps: here's our cream cheese recipe for your cake pops just in case you don't have one.

2 Cups Icing Sugar
¾ cup (6oz) cream cheese softened
2 Tablespoon Butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract