Friday, July 30, 2010

Cakes for Kids!

Here are our latest cakes we made for some fabulous children's birthday celebrations.
For Aaron's 1st birthday we made his very own 3D Car design was inspired by the Wiggles Car.

For another first birthday , we designed a fabulous Minnie luv cake for Arina. We highlighted the cake with sparkly stars and rainbow.

For and extravagant 6th birthday. We made our birthday princess her very own fantasy castle.

Topped with glitter flags and butterflies.
The figurines made the cake even more wow which was provided by the birthday girl.
For a super dooper Cinderella Fan. We designed this one of a kind cinderella cake with her prince

We Luv the prince as much as Cinderella.:)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Luv Peter Rabbit!!!!

We recently made an Uhudorable Peter Rabbit cake for a super P.R. Fan.
The entire cake is cake including the head. Flavor of cake was chocolate.

Here's a photo of our popular rabbit before I gave him his final details.

I added some grass, cuz rabbits just don't look right standing on a plain white floor.

And then added some sweet treats, carrots and flowers.


Watch the video, you'll luv Peter Rabbit even more!!!!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thomas the Tank Cupcakes!

We made Thomas themed cupcakes with Thomas and his 2 friends Percy and James.
Out of all the trains, Thomas is the most popular.
He is like the studly boy on school campus, the triple threat on an acting stage, the all star athlete.
After making him and his 2 friends James and Percy,
I have discovered a new found LUV for all three trains.
After seeing these photos you will have a HUGE LUV for not only Thomas but Percy and James too.:)
Here I am making the Train chimney.

As you can see, the trains were tiny so stick on their faces was a very delicate process.
Here I am giving Thomas a nice facial.
I marked out their famous smile and eyes. Here's Percy


James, with his pupils

Ahhhhhhhhh this was taken right after I piped out all their eyes and brows.

WHA WHA WAIT, it gets even better

You know how we LUV to coordinate, we added #3 on both sides of the train for the birthday boy's 3rd birthday.

I know.....Eeeeeek so cute.

Yes, it gets even better. We then piped out a mini train track on the cupcakes with some grass.


LUV THOMAS & Friends???

Told You so:)
Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving Creations!

We had a lot of fun yesterday designing some goodies for our New Move.
They are so cute and unforgettable I had to blog about them. We have also just posted them on our homepage window.
We're Moving Cupcakes!


We Movin Cake.
Can I get a witness on the lil choco chip cookie in her shopping bag. Triple LUV!!!

We also had a great time making a potpourri of cupcake designs for this special birthday party.

I love how they matched their 3D photo with their bee themed cupcakes.
We LUV coordinating too:)

If you have seen these cupcakes around its because you probably have. A lil birdy told us that our cupcakes were posted on this website:) The entire wall is filled our cupcakes .

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Anniversary Cakes & Cupcakes!

Our week has started off with a Red and White theme. Here is a Red Cherry blossom cake we made for a 40th Anniversary.

For Dragon Air's 25th Anniversary, we made a giant cupcake tower. Here is our topper cake with star spangle.

And all of their logo cupcakes which embellished the cupcake tower.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chace's Har Gou Cake (Prawn Dumpling)

We made a SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER cute 1st birthday cake for Baby Chace.
The cake is not as cute as he is, never the less its an UHDORABLE first birthday cake.
He is a huge HAR GAU dumpling fan, so as requested we made him his very own dim sum birthday cake.
The dim sum cake was our yummo strawberry shortcake. Home style vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries and cream.
Doesn't the bear kinda remind you of Baby Chace too:)

Enough about talking about how cute the cake was, here you go. Enjoy!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Location Sneak Peek!

Some of you may already know, we've been planning a HUGE move to our new location.
This morning I got up early to take some photos of the new place.
We got our brand new stickers for our street front windows. Having street front windows is soooooooooooooooooo SAWEEEEEET!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to see our sign from the road:)
I loved watching every single moment of the sticker guy posting our stickers.
Seriously, putting a giant sticker up perfectly takes some serious skill. Annnd he did it so quickly too.

As he was finishing the last sticker, I dashed down to the street level like an excited birthday girl about to see her birthday cake.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! I stood outside for about 15 minutes staring at my windows. I was SOOOOOOOO HAPPY:)

I had to leave some windows open as it is boiling hot here in HK. I will get a better shot once we get our AC in.

I also did a morning stroll on our new street. There are a lot of great shops like Christian Louboutin, '

D-Mop, DSquare and much more.

The entrance to our building is right next to Dmop.

See told you I was excited!

We're moving to our new location Sept 1st

11-15 On Lan Street 2&3rd Floor.

Same phone number, fax number, email address just a change of address:)