Friday, October 31, 2008

Sweet Figurines & more

Since my post of our lil circus animal figurines, we've had a whirlwind of request to sculpt all kinds of things. Here are some of our latest figurine creations.
For Jessie's 2nd Birthday, her favourite precious toys were dropped off to us to replicate.
Here are her Nighty-Boo toys sitting on top of her cake ready to surprise her.
Her precious toys also made it to her birthday party.

Here is a Miss Piggy cake we did for a special Dad's birthday.
When I was sculpting our Lady Piggy, I envisioned Missy Piggy gazing out into the horizon waiting for Prince Kermit to whisk her away:)

For a special Bunny's 7th Birthday, we hand sculpted her favourite Sugar Bunnies.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cupcakes From the Block!

It's that time of the year again where our cupcakes hit the streets. If you've read our article written in SCMP in May, this is where our cupcakes got its humble beginnings. We really enjoy doing these fairs because it gives us a chance to meet our regular cupcake fans and meet new faces. Here we are at the Lan Kwai Fong street fair held this past weekend.
Aren't they the cutest siblings:)

And since we're on the topic of cupcakes, our cupcakes have been playing dress up this week for Halloween. We've decked them out in our Deelite Halloween Costumes.
Here's our Pumpkin Smiles Cupcake

and our Halloween Confetti Cupcake

Of coarse we couldn't leave you cookie lovers out of the Halloween celebrations.
We've included these adorable Pumpkin and Bat lollipop cookies.
Here is some we did today for a special Halloween Party.

I managed to snap a few shots of these cute Lollipop Bat cookies before they flew off.
Notice how color coordinated we are.
We even matched our Nail Color for the Halloween season:)

Have a Deelitful Halloween Season:)
If by chance you want to order any of these goodies, we have just launched our new Seasonal Cupcakes porfolio online. As for the Halloween cookies, just tell us you want the ones on the blog.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweeter than Apple!

I know the Iphone has all the features in the world. But I don't think it offers anything as sweet as this Iphone cake. As I was doing this cake, I thought to myself I wouldn't be surprised that by the time I Blog this cake, there will be another brand new Super Iphone model.
However slick the phones may get, nothing will be as slick and yummy as this model.
Everything on this Ipone is edible including the lil icon features.

If you look closely, we even matched the date on the phone according to the event date.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm a huge Iphone fan. Although I don't think I take full advantage of all the features. My favourite thing about my Iphone is my pink case and pretty ribbon I tied on so that I can wrap it around myself while I"m decorating.
And yes, I used the same ribbon we use to decorate the sides of our cake boards.
Now that's some serious Iphone technology for ya:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Staccato's 10th Anniversary

As I mentioned on my last blog, it has been a very eventful week. Aside from our Deelite car show, we were also given an opportunity to be apart of Staccato's 10th anniversary Shoe Show. We hand sculpted their Hot boot of the season for this Fabulous event.

We were given a sample of the boot they wanted to feature for the their Grand Birthday cake.
Here's a shot of the cake with the original boot in the back.

Just in case your wondering where I got the inspiration for the shoe box color, I decided to pick a plum purple because it was the color of the center wall in the store run way.

There was a lot of competition for our designer boot cake. I mean HELLO, the entire store was surrounded with Staccato's fall collection and one could not help but to notice all the fabulous models strutting down the runway with the season fabulous must have shoes:)
We received some exciting news from Staccato the next day and our Deelite Boot got to share the spotlight with one of the models. Here is our boot featured in Apple newspaper on Friday.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Grand Salute to Cars!

We have had a very eventful week. If you have stopped by our store recently you probably noticed a lot of boxes lying around. That's because we just got a shipment of new products. New Halloween products, Gum Paste accessories & lotsa goodies.
We have also been receiving a lot of requests for car cakes recently. So I thought I'd give our car cakes a Grand salute! Hope you enjoy our Deelite car show:)
Here is a Mercedes S500 made for a special Mom's birthday.

a super dooper fun Hot Wheels Trucker for Michael's 7th Birthday
And last but certainly not least, a swanky Maserati for Johnny's unforgettable 21st celebration.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Girls just Wanna Have Fun!

We had a wonderful time at our surprise cupcake jamming party for Harry's surprise party. She is the girl sitting in the middle.
It was a surprise to me as well b/c I had just met Harry a few days before to finalize her wedding cake details. We both had no idea that she was the Girl of honor for the surprise cupcake jamming party:) So the trick was on both of us:)

Here they are in true cupcake jamming form.

Pictures speak louder than words.

Girls just wanna have fun:)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where are the Circus Animals????

For Darren's 1st birthday, we created this colorful #1 shape cake decorated with stars and his circus animal friends.
You're probably wondering why I'm asking where the circus animals are since you're staring right at them. Well you see, the original design of the cake aka Plan A, was supposed to have plastic hand crafted circus toppers. For some strange reason, we could not find our Plan A circus clan for Darren's special cake. I decided to go to Plan B and hand sculpt an original Deelite Circus animal team.
I realized as the animals started to come to life that if the original toppers were around, we would have never been able to see the even more adorable Deelite Circus team:) And I'm not the only one who thinks so because Darren's mom was very deelited when she picked up the cake.

Here's a salute to Plan B, missing circus toppers and Darren:)
Presenting the Original Deelite Circus Clan:
Eyore the elephant, Suzie the seal, Bobo the bear and last but certainly not least, Leo the lion

Oh and if you ever see the Plan A circus toppers lying around at our store, please do let us know.
We're still looking for the lil rascals:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Classic White Elegance!

Taking a step away from our whimsical and colorful cakes, we decorated this classic white 4 tier wedding cake for a special wedding at the Peninsula Hotel. We alternated flavors through out each tier: Top: Choco , 2nd: Choco with Raspberry filling, 3rd Vanilla and 4th Chocolate. The entire cake is covered with smooth white fondant, polka dots on every other tier and finished off with a fondant ribbon trimming on each tier & topped with white roses.

This wedding was planned overseas as Cherlene and Chris do not reside in HK. I had a chance to meet with Charlene earlier this year to finalized her wedding cake design. We all got a bit nervous today because there was a typhoon signal hoisted and of coarse, didn't want it to be a Typhoon #8. All went well and it turned out to be a great day:)

Congratulations Charlene and Chris!