Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Cupcakes-Chanel and More!!!!

It's been Easter mania here in Deelite. We've been decorating all sorts of Easter themed treats.
Here are some cute goodies.
Here's our Smooch Bunny:) Don't you love the smoochable heart lips!!!!
I managed to snap a shot of these Easter cupcakes before they hopped out of the door.
I know Easter and Chanel are totally random themes, but I had to share about our very first hand sculpted handbag cake course. Debbie, Karen and I had a blast the past 2 days. They completed their very own Chanel bag cake today. Karen on left and Debbie on right. Recognize Debbie??? I blogged about her this past December.
Here they are with thier chanel cake. I'm so proud of their beautiful work.

Monday, March 30, 2009

LV Luggage

Hi everyone, its been a very very busy week so I apologize for not updating since last Wednesdays. FYI-my absence from the blog has nothing to do with the Rugby Sevens:) But it sure was a great match.
I know you will enjoy this post as I have also included our very first in-house video that we shot.
We decorated this LV luggage for a 23rd birthday. The cake is a strawberry short cake.
Here are some side profile shots of the bag. All the LV logo work was hand painted with Gold paint. The entire bag including the handle is edible.

Here is our video featuring our final moments of completing the cake.
Enjoy the Video!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding Bliss!

Wedding season is soon approaching so I thought I'd highlight on some of our latest wedding creations.
This wedding cake was inspired by a 50th birthday cake we did a while back.
Here's a shot of the original birthday cake inspiration. You can also tell that I"ve since upgraded my camera too:)

Cupcakes are also a big part of wedding celebrations.
Here are some adorable Bride and Groom themed cupcakes .We dressed the groom with a golden bow tie and the bride with a pearl necklace. Its hard to tell on the photos, but the bow tie and pearl necklace had a beautiful shimmer.
These cupcakes were to go on a wedding cupcake tower with a topper cake.
Here's a close up of the Bride and also a shot of the groom before we put on his gold bow tie.

Here is cake we did for Connie's and John's 1 year wedding anniversary. I couldn't believe how quickly time has flown as it seemed like yesterday we were all planning their wedding cake design. I was told by Connie that they didn't get a chance to eat their wedding cake. So she surprised John with a mini 1 tier replica of their original wedding cake design. The cake flavor was Mango Deelite;Vanilla cake with fresh mango and cream.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Boom Box

We got the coolest cake request to do an 80's version boom box.
Back in the day,( 20 years ago to be exact) it was actually cool to carry a boom box on your shoulder. That soon faded as gadgets got smaller. It wouldn't be so macho if some guy professed his love to you with a nano:)
When I think of Boom Box, I think of John Cusack and the movie Say Anything. He made it look so cool and romantic. For those who haven't seen this true 80's classic flick, its a MUST SEE. Here's the movie cover.

Inside the boom box are alternating tiers of vanilla and chocolate cake with fluffy choco mousse filling.

And of course I had to add all the essential features of the classic boom box, just in case they wanted to up the volume or change radio stations at the birthday party.

And just in case ur wondering who Johnny C. was professing his love to......

HELLO, so obvious:)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Puppy Deelite!

This birthday doggy cake was created for a white westie fan. .
The colors on the cake matched our deelite wesite's doggy collar.
We also gave him a lil doggy treat.

Here's a close up of Westie our pup.

"Have a great weekend! Ruff Ruff!"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sweet Pea Cake!

Lets face it, Green vege's are not the most popular food choice.
Say the words Brussel Sprouts or Peas and that'll turn some people off of their meal.
But when a sweet pea is made from yummy cake, now that's something that will make a party go WOW!!!
For Catherine's Baby shower, we sculpted and decorated a sweet pea as it was the theme of her shower. She even had matching sweet pea plates:) Can we say ADORABLE!!!!
Inside this cake is our Yummy chocolate cake.

Here's a close up. You probably don't have to guess that my favourite part was doing her hair and giving her a pink bow.

We also received some "WOW" news today. We had a feature today on SCMP.
Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to eat your greens:)
Bake it to the limit
Jacinta Yu originally started her company, Complete Deelite, to promote
cake decoration through classes and supplying bakers with everything
required to bake and decorate a cake. Now, a large part of her business
is custom-made cakes.
"I didn't know there was such a huge demand for sculpted, specially
designed cakes," says Yu. Although the company teaches home bakers
to make more complicated designs, they usually don't use their new
skills for their own events or parties.
"If it's something for an intimate family affair like a 50th wedding
anniversary, there's a lot of pressure, and the students are too nervous.
It's like asking a bride to make her own cake," says Yu.
One of the biggest cakes Yu and her team have made is a 1.2-metre-
high, 90cm-long cruise ship
for the Costa Concordia cruise line's 60th
anniversary. Made round the clock over two days by four people, the
cake featured miniature railings and lifebelts.
And the job doesn't end with designing and making the cake; custom
cake makers need to get their creations to the venue intact. That can be
challenging, given the fragility of the cakes.
Yu recalls trying to move a cake from her D'Aguilar Street premises and
arriving at street level just as dancers from the LKF Carnival started
parading down the road.
"I'm envious of the big cars and big roads in the US," says Yu. "In a city
that isn't 100 per cent aware of the fragility of these cakes, I stress even
more during the delivery."

Jacinta Yu puts the finishing touches to one of her creations at Complete Deelite in Central.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Circus Mania!!!!

Recognize our cute lil friends???
You may remember them from our other blog "where are the circus animals"
Well here they are again in full form. This cake for a FABULOUS 100th day birthday celebration was inspired by our memorable #1 circus cake.
We decorated an action packed 3 tier cake filled with our talented lil circus friends.
Here they are on one of the tiers.

Here's a sneak peak of our figure sculpting.

Here they are all lined up. ALMOST all ready for the stage.

Here they are in full form with circus flags & polls. Don't they look so synchronized:) They did practice a lot & I'm so proud of them. I'm sure Emma had a great time with them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beelicious Cupcake!

What do you get when you add lil beez + lil ones + cupcake=???????
HELLO, Super CUTE cupcake!!!!!
These adorable cupcakes were inspired by our Supersize Bee Cupcake. I know on that blog, I said that cupcake was like the cutest cupcakes in cupcake heaven, but these definitely come very close it.
Here are our jr. bees & #1s.

And here they are again on our xtravagant cupcake:)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!!!!

Who stole the cookies from the cookie rack???

Who else???? COOKIE MONSTER:)

Of course, I can't just leave you hangin there. We sooooo want you to be apart of our Cookie Monster experience so here we go.
First we baked some yummy in the tummy chocolate chip cookies. And if Cookie Monster's mouth wasn't stuffed he would say the same too. Then we baked some yummy cupcakes and covered them in our creamy buttercream

Then we fed Cookie Monster. Ok not so cookie monster yet, but soon.

Beautified him with his signature blue fuzz with

Buttercream colored with Wilton Royal Blue Icing Color, Tip: #233

TAH DAH....... Ooops spoke too soon:)

Here you go, much better. Now he can see

We used Wilton White Candy Melts for Eyes. Soooo perfect for Eyes:) Piped Cookie Monster Eyes with black buttercream:)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friendly Sharkie!!!!

Hi Everyone:)
Apologies for the super late update. We've been busy with lots of action in our store. We're in the middle of a lil renovation which is all so exciting, but lotsa of adjustments. Thank you for your understanding and we promise things will be much much better soon in the store front:)
We've also been busy with some really fun cakes. We were asked to do a "FRIENDLY" shark for Elliots birthday. Which was really cool as I do love sea themed cakes. I was really looking forward to creating our version of a Friendly SHark. I mean common, who wants Jaws at a birthday party???

Not Me!!!! and Elliot was not into him either.

I wanted to take the opportunity to represent for all those friendly sharks out there. The whole Duh nuh.....Dun nuh......Duh nuh......over dramatic scene in Jaws really gave our sometimes gentle mellow shark such a bad rap. I mean common who doesn't get grouchy when their hungry:) And since our Hot Tuna cake was such a big hit. I decided to photoshoot the entire process of our Friendly Shark creation process. Enjoy!
Step 1: After baking our chocolate cakes, we stacked and carved the beginning stages of "Mr. Sharkies" body.

Step 2: More sculpting. You see his friendly smile:)

Step 3: Covered in Fondant and detailed his signature Sharkie Smile,

Step 4: Detailed with eyes so he could see and also smoothed out his beautiful skin

Step 5: Isn't he so cute:)

step 6: More detailing. Added his signature fin

Step 7: At this point, I was starting to grow quite attached to our Friendly Sharkie. See how close we are, I felt no threat:)

And that's cuz he had no teeth:) BUT our friendly shark won't bite even if he did have teeth PROMISE!!!.

Step 9: My favourite Pic. Doesn't he look like he just got his teeth knocked out of him.

Step 10: Ok gotta give him some dignity, so I polished off his smile with a full set of pearly whites. I mean he couldn't go to Elliots party looking like a beat up sharkie.

Can we say CHEESE:) Not to worry, the teeth are as sweet as sugar, just like friendly sharkie.

TAH DAH!!!!!Isn't he so cute!!