Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friendly Sharkie!!!!

Hi Everyone:)
Apologies for the super late update. We've been busy with lots of action in our store. We're in the middle of a lil renovation which is all so exciting, but lotsa of adjustments. Thank you for your understanding and we promise things will be much much better soon in the store front:)
We've also been busy with some really fun cakes. We were asked to do a "FRIENDLY" shark for Elliots birthday. Which was really cool as I do love sea themed cakes. I was really looking forward to creating our version of a Friendly SHark. I mean common, who wants Jaws at a birthday party???

Not Me!!!! and Elliot was not into him either.

I wanted to take the opportunity to represent for all those friendly sharks out there. The whole Duh nuh.....Dun nuh......Duh nuh......over dramatic scene in Jaws really gave our sometimes gentle mellow shark such a bad rap. I mean common who doesn't get grouchy when their hungry:) And since our Hot Tuna cake was such a big hit. I decided to photoshoot the entire process of our Friendly Shark creation process. Enjoy!
Step 1: After baking our chocolate cakes, we stacked and carved the beginning stages of "Mr. Sharkies" body.

Step 2: More sculpting. You see his friendly smile:)

Step 3: Covered in Fondant and detailed his signature Sharkie Smile,

Step 4: Detailed with eyes so he could see and also smoothed out his beautiful skin

Step 5: Isn't he so cute:)

step 6: More detailing. Added his signature fin

Step 7: At this point, I was starting to grow quite attached to our Friendly Sharkie. See how close we are, I felt no threat:)

And that's cuz he had no teeth:) BUT our friendly shark won't bite even if he did have teeth PROMISE!!!.

Step 9: My favourite Pic. Doesn't he look like he just got his teeth knocked out of him.

Step 10: Ok gotta give him some dignity, so I polished off his smile with a full set of pearly whites. I mean he couldn't go to Elliots party looking like a beat up sharkie.

Can we say CHEESE:) Not to worry, the teeth are as sweet as sugar, just like friendly sharkie.

TAH DAH!!!!!Isn't he so cute!!