Friday, May 28, 2010

Ralph Lauren and Kiehls Cupcakes

Its been an eventful past week. The fashion world has been buzzing with events and we've had the honor of being apart of them.

Here's a quick shot of our YSL logo cupcakes and fab purses.

Ahhhh much better shot.

For those people who luv Kiehls here a sweet something that I know you'll love. This was for their birthday celebration in Causewaybay. I was already a fan of their famous lip gloss, but after making it in cute lil edible sizes,

I luv them 10 times more:) UHDORABLE!!!!

Last but certainly not least, we were part of a fashion event in Landmark for Ralph Lauren. We decorated Ooodles and Ooodles of cupcakes. The fab ones being the Ralph Lauren "it" bag.

Here they are displayed at the store entrance table.

Inside the store we did a tower of blue toned cupcakes and blue bags to match the blue fashion corner.

Here's a shot the fabulous bags.

They don't look that small in photo, the actual size was 1 1/2 inch wide. As for the rest of the details down to the gold buckle, you can imagine how eeensy weeesy those details were.

But it was so worth it once the bag was fully completed

Here are the bags not lookin too happy:)

But when the accessories were on. TAH DAHHHHHH!!!!


Pictures speak a million words:)

Monday, May 24, 2010

circus, animals and baby moon birthday cakes

We're wild for animal themed cakes, cutie baby cakes and circus animals. We designed this
UH-dorable animal themed 2nd birthday cake for Cayden. He is a HUGE fan of our figurines. Last year we made a super cute Disney figurine cake for his 1st birthday.
Here's a close up of our friendly Dino

And for a sweet Baby cake, we topped off a 2 tier cake with a sparkling moon and smoochable sleeping baby.

Our circus animals are one of our most popular figurines. We've put them on #1 shape, 2 tiers, 3 tiers for all ages.
Here's a delightful new version we made for Zedric our circus super star!

Hope you enjoy this video of our Ballony Toony animal cake:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doraemon's Side Kick & Deelite in TST!

Some of you may know who Doraemon is. Well he's got a cool sidekick
named Dai Hing= Big Brother.
We got a request to do a cake with Dai Hing sitting on top of his cake.
Apparently the birthday boy looks just like Dai Hing:)
Just in case you don't know who these characters are, I have a photo reference.
You see Doraemon the Blue bubbly dude in the middle, Dai Hing is on his left. Still don't know who he is, he's the only Big Bro in the world who can wear blue mini skirt like shorts and still be cool. I just couldn't see a mature fellow wearing mini shorts to his birthday party so I had to give him a decent pair of pants:)

The cake was a huge hit. I'm sure the birthday boy had a hard time parting with his birthday cake.

We got more news!!!
Our cupcakes are now available at Main Street Deli in Langham Hotel, TST Kowloon.
Yes, you can get a piece of Deelite on Kowloon side now. Believe me, we are just as excited as you are:)
The Grand launch started this week. Now there's even more reason to go to Main Street Deli. If you haven't been there its the place to go to for famous New York Style pastrami sandwich,Reuben and burgers. Oh and the fries, my personal fave.

You've got a cupcake cravin, stop by and get your dozen.
Flavors available:
Classic Choco, Classic Vanilla, Choco Fluff, Choco Rocks and Juicy Raspberry!!!
Yippeeeee Cupcakes in Main Street Deli, TST-Kowloon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We Luv Our Mommy's:)

Your Mom will LUV these cuties:)

We've gotten such raves on our Mother's Day cupcakes we have them available at our cupcake counter everyday. If you want a dozen or more, please call us and book in advance:) These cuties are $25 each or $280/dozen


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dunhill Cupcake Towers & More!

Recognize these beauties!
You may have seen our cupcakes this past weekend at the Metro City Mall. They are doing a month long Mother's Day celebration promotion with lots of fabulous gifts and guess what else, Our cupcakes:)
Not to worry, if you want to enjoy the mother's day celebration, our cupcakes will be there for the entire month of May.
Yum in the Tum:)
The cupcakes received rave reviews and we got some great photos from Maman Cafe

There are so many exciting things happening, I'm gonna do an all in one post.
We were apart of a fabulous Grand opening event for the brand new Dunhill Flagship store in Prince's bldg. We made 3 Cupcake towers piled with our cupcakes sporting Dunhill logos.

We even spruced up the cupcake tower with Dunhills logos .

We received a surprise email from one of our deelite couples. We luv hearing back from all of our cake fans. It really makes our day. We're so overjoyed we jump and down like school kids. LITERALLY:)

"Dear Complete Deelite, We've succefully accomplished one of our
greatest project of our life on 10 April, and thanks for your help, we can have
a gorgeous wedding cake with lovely cherry blossom scattered on the cake and
table. We received lots of compliments to the cake and it surely delighted us
and all the guests! "

Luvin our strawberry short cake too:)