Friday, January 24, 2014

Horse Cake Pops

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 
Lets welcome the year of the horse and make some Horse Cake pops:)
Giddy Up!

Here's what you'll need
Chocolate coated sunflower seeds colours: anyone you want. brand we used Kimmie Candy
Candy Melts: White and Light Brown  Brand: Wilton or CK
Lollipop Sticks
Black food marker  Brand: Americolor or Wilton
For an intro of how to make you cake pops and how to melt you candy melts
Please watch our tutorial on You Tube. It gives you a great intro to the fundamentals of cake pop making. 
How to shape your horse shape:
First roll your cake balls into appx 1" diameter size
Take each cake ball and sqeeze them on the side to make an oval shape
Take your index finger and put a lil dent in the middle of the oval
give the front half of oval another squeeze 
This is what you'll get. Profile of horse.
Now lets bust out these fabulous chocholate covered sunflower seeds:)
Separate the brown ones (horse ears)  ahead of time. 
Prep your chocolate candy melts for dipping. To get a detailed step by step on how to melt your candy melts perfectly. Please check out our Cake Pop DIY on Youtube.
Dip your lollipop stick into the melts and stick it into your cake pops.
Another profile shot of our fabulous horse.
Dip your dark brown sunflower seeds into the melts and stick them onto your pop.
Mr. Ed is starting to come to life:)
Allow your ears and lollipop stick to harden in fridge for about 5 minutes. 
Freezer takes less time.
After your ears have set, you may dip your pop into chocolate candy melts.
To avoid any parts from falling off, take a spatula to coat the candy melts onto your cake pop
Tap your pop on your fingure to avoid getting any chocolate onto your clean lollipop stick.
Sooooo Handsome!!!
At this point you can take a pair of tweezers to add some black choco-sunflower seeds (hair)
in between the horses ears.
1 piece
2 pieces
3 pieces. 
Seriously!!!! I can't contain myself:)
Dip him into some melted white candy melts for his nose and mouth.
Speechless! I know. Hold your horses, it gets WAY better:)
With a foodmarker, draw on the eyes and smile.
Horsing around was never this much fun. 
Now that you can make a horse, your options are endless.
Check out these beauties!
Get creative and use different color sunflower seeds for the hair. 
Mr. Ed is liking these beauties too. 
Happy Chinese New Year! 
Thanks for spending this time with us!!!
Now giddy up and make yourself some pops:)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Flower Power: Dusting Gumpaste Flowers

Quite often people ask us  how to use petal dust on Gumpaste flowers. So I thought I"d share a quick and easy method on how to add some Power to your Flower:)
When I first started using petal dust, I was SCARED! Mostly because I was afraid that if I used too much color it would ruin my flower. And that would be terrible because I spent so many hours making the gumpaste flower petal by petal.
After making friends with my petal dust, I realized man this stuff is AWESOME!!! There is no reason why I should be scared.  Like anything I use for the first time, I always say make friends with your tools and new supplies. The more you use it the more comfortable you'll get and the more adventurous you'll be and the more creative and AWESOME your cakes will be. 
So lets get started.

Here are 2 very beautiful Anemones. You may opt to make your own or work with ready made ones. 
Here are some ready made ones that we sell at our shop. They are very pretty, but a bit plain jane. With just a bit of "makeup", your plain jane flowers will be the belle of the ball.
Here 's what you need:
Petal Dust color of your choice: I of coarse chose the shocking pink
Black food marker: Wilton or Americolor
Brush: recommend a flat brush
Open up all your flower petals
dip your brush into petal dust tap a bit off and then apply onto flower stroking from inside out.
easy peesy:) You may continue and add it to the outer large petals as well.
after you have completed that, take your pen and go around the edge of each petal.
next, you may want to steam the flower to set the color onto your flower.
That's it, it's that easy. Your flower went from plain Jane to Badabing-Badaboom!
Get adventurous and try different colors too:)
Have fun and get dusting!!!