Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Doggy!

We created this Xtravagant Hot Dog Cake for Dodo's 18th birthday.
This cake was a gift from his sisters who shared with me that their brother was a real junk food fan. We finalized on creating this Giant Hot Dog cake for Dodo.
Inside this juicy dog is our signature chocolate cake covered with fondant.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Baby Shower Cupcakes

We created 2 of these cupcake towers for a Baby Shower.
The design was clean & simple but oh so beautiful and cute when they were placed on our cupcake stands.
We finished the sides of our cupcake tower with baby blue ribbon to match our adorable cupcakes.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Gotta Know When To Hold'Em.......

Know when to walk away, Know when to run. You gotta...... ok I"ll stop there with the singing. Just in case you didn't get it, that was me singing Kenny Rogers. You can google it. It was one of his famous songs. For some reason, that song was a big hit at my famliy reunions when I was a kid. Don't ask why:)?????
So as you can seethere is a point to this:)
We created this poker cake for a super poker fan who was turning 26.
All the card pieces and chips are edible and made from Fondant. Inside the poker table is a red velvet cake filled with our luscious cream cheese frosting.

Wedding Buzz

We created these adorable wedding favors for a wedding at the Jockey Club.
The couple wanted something whimsical and colorful so we decorated our Rainbow Bright cupcakes with our Spring Bug beez and butterflies.
All 150 favors were whisked away into Wedding Bliss.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deelite Team!

I thought I'd take some time out to rave about our Deelite Team. People often ask if I'm the only person who does everything at Complete Deelite. --cake decorating, teaching, parties, catering etc. My immediate answer is absolutely not. I have a great team of people who make Deelite a deelite.
Here are some photos of 2 instructors from our teaching team.
Jacqueline in the middle Claire on the far right

We have some extremely camera shy ppl. Who would of thought.....I thought they would be so excited about my idea of sharing about them on our blog. Well, I did manage to get a photo of their hands and side profile. I guess that's better than nothing.
Left is our decorating team & right is our merchandising and sales team

+ Me = the Deelite Family. And Yes, I'm camera shy as well:)

It is indeed a blessing to work with such a great team of people .
It is our secret ingredient.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

PREGO Lucie!!!!

Every week we get all kinds of creative ideas for cake designs. But none of them surpass this request for a Baby Shower. The request was of a woman giving birth on a hospital table. Yup you heard right.
My initial reaction was hmmmmmmmmm that's interesting. But when we brainstormed as to what she wanted to communicate through her cake, it was actually a really sweet idea.
The story is Lucie is pregnant with twins. Lucie's friend wanted to give a cake that captured her pregnancy and experience of giving birth.
That is the birth of "PREGO LUCIE":)
We captured all the elements of her pregnancy and giving birth without it looking like..... an episode of ER:) After all we didn't want our cake to freak Lucie out.
We had a blast designing and sculpting Lucie. This cake experience is one of our most memorable moments.