Thursday, July 3, 2008

PREGO Lucie!!!!

Every week we get all kinds of creative ideas for cake designs. But none of them surpass this request for a Baby Shower. The request was of a woman giving birth on a hospital table. Yup you heard right.
My initial reaction was hmmmmmmmmm that's interesting. But when we brainstormed as to what she wanted to communicate through her cake, it was actually a really sweet idea.
The story is Lucie is pregnant with twins. Lucie's friend wanted to give a cake that captured her pregnancy and experience of giving birth.
That is the birth of "PREGO LUCIE":)
We captured all the elements of her pregnancy and giving birth without it looking like..... an episode of ER:) After all we didn't want our cake to freak Lucie out.
We had a blast designing and sculpting Lucie. This cake experience is one of our most memorable moments.