Saturday, February 27, 2010

Forever 21 and More!!!

Don't we all wish we could forever be 21:)
Well here's a cupcake tower that will make us feel 21 again:)
Glitter Heart Spangles +
Oodles and ooldes of fab 3D photo cupcakes=
More 21 news!!!
We adorned this topper cake with Fushcia pink cherry Blossoms
Close up of our dainty blossoms
+ Oodles and Ooldes of magnolia flower cupcakes =
Forever 21 cherry blossom cupcake tower!!!!!
Since we're on the topic of cupcakes, we made some UHdorable princess themed cupcake favors for Tia.

We boxed all 140 cupcakes in pretty window cupcake boxes and pink bows.
And just in case you're looking for the perfect cake to go with our pretty princess cupcakes.
This Cinderella-Jasmine princess cake will be the highlight of your princess celebration.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun in Class & Store!

Its been one heck of a week.
For those of you living in HK, Boy was it HUUUUUUMID this week.
It was 97% humidity, not fun condition for cake decorating:(
Icing gets really soppy, gum paste flowers and royal icing flowers don't dry like they should , but heck, we're not gonna let some Crazy humidity "dampen" our day:)
Thanks to our trusty Lady Dede-Dehumidifier we have been able to decorate in nice dry conditions.
Our students were such troopers. These are some tough conditions to be decorating in. I'm so glad they didn't let the humidity dampen their class. I was so happy to see that they were able to prepare some nice flowers at home and bring it to class to decorate their final cakes.
Here's a photos of our Course 2 students finishing their final cakes.
Look their flowers are looking good and Dry.
On the same evening, we also had a Course 3 class graduating at our other class premise.
Look, her gum paste flowers are looking Fabulous too:)
Yay, victory over humidity:)
More news, we got a new shipment of goodies in today.
And, we spruced things up a lil with new signages
Here's our new rainbow balloon signage. LUV!!!!

Time is just flying so quickly, I can't believe it but yes, Easter is right around the corner.
Here's our new Easter products fresh outta the boxes.

My personal fave, 3D bunny pan:)

Brand new wall of goodies filled brownie and candy goodies.
Don't you just luv the sign:)

Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paul Smith Car and Cookies!

Its been a busy week as we get back into the groove after a festive Chinese New Year!
Nothing like a fun car cake decked out with signature Paul Smith stripes to kick start our New Year

Here are some UH-dorable spring bug lollipop cookies.
Do you recognize these buggies? You've seen them many times on our cakes, cupcakes and now FINALLY Cookies!!!!
We luv our buggies:)

We got a surprise email from Nokia showing us their yummy goodies we made for their Chinese New Year Party.
We're so happy that the cookies were a huge Hit:)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lil einstein cake & Video!!!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful news years! We had a very memorable new year and I thought this photo of our Lil Einstein cake showed it best:)
We were asked to do a super size lil Eistein cake and boy did we have a good time.

On a side note, we've been working really hard on our cake, cupcake and cookie portfolio.
We have a lot of new photos to upload on our website. Also, we have a new Cookie portfolio coming out very soon:) Yippppeeeeee!!!
Have a wonderful week and hope you enjoy our fab video.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deelite cake pops video

Some of you are probably wondering, Where are the videos????
Well, we thought for 2010 we would do something different with our videos.
We got so much response from our cake pops blog we decided to do a DIY video and tell you all how we do our cake pops.
Enjoy and have fun makin ur pops:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding Couple Alien Cake

I don't think many of you out there have ever heard of an Alien Cake.
If you have, you were probably one of the friendly aliens who attended this wedding party.
We were asked to make a wedding space ship cake for this out of this world couple

They apparently had matching alien costumes.
Can we say perfect love birds:)

Who said aliens don't exist????

Cola Bubbles and Disco Ball Cake

Its been a glorious and eventful week.
We got a call from Australia requesting for a Coca-Cola Zero cake.
Not only that, the request was made the night before the event.
YEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeYAOZAAAAAAzzz. Yup the night before.
We usually don't accept orders with such short notice.
But, since the call was made from Australia. We could not leave someone without a cake to celebrate with in Hong Kong. So we went on full throttle and finished off the cake just in the nick of time.
Tah Dah.....

We had a blast doing this cake.

We were also apart of a Disco themed party.
There's nothing better than a disco ball cake for this boogie party.
We tiled the entire cake with sparkly disco tiles about 2cm each square.
Seriously, it was like doing the rubix cube.
And when we finished putting all the disco tiles on. It was GLORIOUS!!!!!

Can we say Boogie Woogie Woogie!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Celebrate Celebrate!!!

The best part about being in celebration business is being apart of so many different types of celebrations. There is a story behind every cake, balloon, cookie, cupcake, and student who take our classes. Every week, we are apart of that, and we LUV it!!!!!
It wouldn't be the same if there wasn't a story. The story is always the best part of all of our edible creations. It's what makes the entire occasion so memorable.
We transformed our Rose Cascade cake for the 1st anniversary of our Deelite wedding couple. We made their wedding cake about a year ago. They loved their cake so much, the husband wanted to surprise his wife with a Rose Cascade cake.
To personalize their design, we double stacked the top tier to give it an elegant tower effect and then we showered the cake with our Red Gum paste roses.
As requested by our customer, we designed these one of a kind disney themed cupcakes for an elaborate Disney themed party. Each figurine was appx 1 1/2 "high. You can imagine how small the rest of the features were. When they were all done, they were so UH-dorable!!!
Chinese New year is right around the corner.
We designed these Chinese New Year Cookies for Nokia's New Year Party celebration.

Since we launched our Chinese classes about 6 months ago, they have been a huge hit.
We are so excited for all of our students.
Every so often I get to walk through the classroom and glimpse a peek.
Here are a few shots:) All the talent, excitement and passion I have seen over the 6 months has been incredible. Cake decorating is truly an art form that speaks through many languages and cultures:)