Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classes classes and more classes

We have been planning a lot of exciting things for our classes.
As I was thinking about the history of where we started, its hard to believe that our classes are on its 7th year.
When we first opened, I only taught Wilton Course 1. I thought it would take a few months for me to get ready and start Course 2 & 3 but immediately after about 3 weeks, I went from teach just 1 Course 1 class to Course 2 & 3

Luv this photo of one of our very first graduating class in Deelite

It was a very exciting time, and I remember every moment of those early days when I ran my classes in a rented studio with only 4 seats .

Last year we launched our classes in Chinese which was a huge hit. Many of you have requested the classes to be in other languages. I''m excited to announce that for the month of November, we have Wilton classes available in Thai.
I'm so exciting that we have this available as many of our Thai customers have requested for this.
Here are the dates
Nov 5,12,15,26 4-6pm Cake Deco Course 1
Nov 8,12,15,19 10-12 Course 1
I thought I"d leave you off with this cake. This was my very first cake I finished during my Wilton Training. I felt so exciting when I finished my first cake. The Wilton Method really gave me the confidence to just go for it:). I never thought then after completing my final cake that I would be able to do what I do now.
I will be the first to tell you that its not the most Fabulous final cake:) To this day, it is my favourite cake and I discovered one of my biggest passions in life. We all have to start somewhere. I have seen so much talent with our students here in Deelite and feel honored to be apart of their journey.

I will be the first to say that I have not learned it all, but I LUV what I do and always love discovering where cake decorating will take me.

I hope this cake inspires you as much as it inspired me.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fabulous Monday!

Fabulous Monday, we got a surprise email from Jasmine's Mom. We Luv surprise email:) Especially when there's photos attached. LUV !!!!:) The photos were AWESOME!!! Made my day and I'm sure it'll make yours.

When you see smiles like this, it just makes what we do so much more amazing.
A message from Jasmine's Mom:
"See how she likes the cake? Shy smile and big big smiles. Thanks a lot
Joanne and people at CD! Q.C."

Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn FEVAH!

Can you believe that Autumn is here???? Craziness.
What really marks the start of Autumn here in Asia is mid-autumn festival. There's a certain change in the air and it gives all of us a kick start into the upcoming holiday season.
Here's a shot of a class finishing thier graduation cake on the evening of Mid-Autumn festival.
I think this group of students have the right idea, thier starting off thier fesitivies with a fab cake.

Some of you may have noticed we have our class schedule posted all the way up till December.
We've come up with some great workshops that will give you a kick start into decorating without too much fuss. We Luv to Decorate & Celebrate is a brand new workshop that introduces you to decorating shaped pan cakes. We will teach you some Deelite tips that will make baking and decorating your 2D shaped cake a walk in the park.
Say bye bye to cakes that come out half stuck on your shaped pan, and spending hours trying to outline the design of your shaped pan. You will learn lots and have even more fun in this workshop.

I can't believe that our store has shopping aisles now. I did a lil dancing down the aisle just because I luv our new home so much:) I found some of our new goodies. Here are some of my personal faves!!!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. in order to view our schedule all the way to December on our class web page, you have to scroll all the way down and click next, the next month will show up.

I'll leave you with our UHdorable cherry cupcakes:)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Going:)

Our store is open and it has been very exciting.
We have been busy restocking and getting use to our new home. We love our new bigger home and we have been getting lots of encouraging comments which really makes our day.
Some of you who have already visited probably noticed some empty shelves, we have been busy trying to fill our floor with stock. Please excuse us as we try to get all the stock out and re merchandise. Its been a bit of a scramble but we're almost there. Don't be surprised if you see some new items the next time you come.

Luv our bigger cupcake case:)

And yes, we are fully aware that there are still some loose ends, please excuse us as we give our store its finishing touches:)

Our classes have been going on full swing. Its been great seeing our past students get so excited about their new classroom.

As the school season is back in full swing, we've been doing a lot of kid themed cakes.
Here's our latest.

Super Ultra Man Cake with Painted Background.

Luv my lil piggy who keeps me company when I paint.
I used fondant paint for the fab background.

Summer holidays may be over but surf is still up

Nothing like a few Zzzzzz in a pea pod Ahhhhhhhh!

Have a great weekend:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Its been one of those crazy days. We've been buzzing around getting our store ready.
Geez I feel like morning was just 2 second ago, seriously scary how time flies.
We had 2 Course 1 classes going today and the students are settling in very well.
Our sales team is speeding away merchandising all of our products trying to get things looking good before our doors open at 10am tomorrow.

While we were organizing the store we delivered a fab cupcake tower to HSBC for a company celebration.

We also made some UHDORABLE COOKIES for another celebration.
I loved them so much I decided to make more for our store opening tomorrow.
They'll all be available:) FUN FUN FUN

Even more Fun news, here's a video to celebrate our store opening tomorrow.
And if I sound like I had 10 cups of coffee and way too much icing is because I did:P
GO GO GO!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lotsa excitment!

ts been an extremely exciting week. Our store is almost done and we can't wait to start merchandising in our new premise.
Our classes and cake studio have been moving along very well and we have been busily decorating away. The week has just zipped by so quickly I can't believe its already the weekend.
We got a surprise email from Cayden's mom today and it made our day.
We made an UHmazing Madagascar cake for Cayden's 4th birthday.
We hand sculpted all fore of the Madagascar animals into a giant cake.
As you can see from the photo, the cake was really a HUGE hit. And we had a great time making it all come to life.
To top it off we add 4 giant firework candles.
Cayden I"m sure was over the moon!:)
" please find attached 2 pics of the wonderful birthday cake you did for my son last Sunday with the Madagascar theme. Everyone loved the cake and I must say I was REALLY impressed and was definitely way more than I had expected. You guys did a beautiful job and my son loved the cake! Couldn't bear having to cut it open to eat !"

Here's the video. It will make you wanna Move!!!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Move!

We have finally moved out of our old location and the new store is well on its way to completion. here are some highlights from our renovation.
Yikes, Cirque Du Air-Con!

I know some of you have stopped by in hopes that we would be open .
We will be up and ready by Sept 15th:)
And yes, our light switch will be fixed by then too.
As mentioned, on our previous post, we have been taking all of our cake, cupcake,cookie & balloon orders by phone & email.
Here are our latest highlights.
It's been a pinky week!
I know you've probably seen these cute purse cupcakes. No matter how many times we've done them it always makes us smile. They are just the cutest cupcakes:)
We hand sculpted this UHdorable lil miss piggy.
Here is a sweet makeup cake we made for a 21st birthday.
For a fabulous ribbon themed birthday, we designed a special ribbon themed cake for another 21st birthday party.
She's not the only one who's a fan of ribbons. We Luv ribbons too!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our home is almost ready!

The time has come and we are jumping with excitement for our big move.

It has been a very excited season for us here and so far we feel very blessed that things are moving along quite smoothly.

You may have seen our moving notice on our website and our new letter that our store will be closed from
Sept 4th this Saturday to Sept 15th.
Not to worry, we're not disappearing for 10 days:)
We will still be available by phone and email during our business hours.
And yes, cupcakes, cakes, cookies & balloons will all still be available during our closure.
All of our everyday cupcakes flavors:
Our novelty cupcakes, photo cupcakes

Cupcake Towers , cookies

Shaped Cakes,

Xtravagant Cakes
Cakes with toppers

Even Wedding Cakes!

And of course our lovely balloons:)

And if you're getting sentimental like me, just come on down for a visit as our store will be closed this Friday Night.

As excited as I am about our move, we've had so many amazing memories at this location its hard to believe that it'll all be an empty space soon.

So you still have a few more days to come visit us at our Original location.

I'll also be updating you through Facebook and blog on the process of our move. A lot of you have been really excited about our new store and have requested to see some highlights.

We will definitely keep everyone posted with the latest updates