Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Classes classes and more classes

We have been planning a lot of exciting things for our classes.
As I was thinking about the history of where we started, its hard to believe that our classes are on its 7th year.
When we first opened, I only taught Wilton Course 1. I thought it would take a few months for me to get ready and start Course 2 & 3 but immediately after about 3 weeks, I went from teach just 1 Course 1 class to Course 2 & 3

Luv this photo of one of our very first graduating class in Deelite

It was a very exciting time, and I remember every moment of those early days when I ran my classes in a rented studio with only 4 seats .

Last year we launched our classes in Chinese which was a huge hit. Many of you have requested the classes to be in other languages. I''m excited to announce that for the month of November, we have Wilton classes available in Thai.
I'm so exciting that we have this available as many of our Thai customers have requested for this.
Here are the dates
Nov 5,12,15,26 4-6pm Cake Deco Course 1
Nov 8,12,15,19 10-12 Course 1
I thought I"d leave you off with this cake. This was my very first cake I finished during my Wilton Training. I felt so exciting when I finished my first cake. The Wilton Method really gave me the confidence to just go for it:). I never thought then after completing my final cake that I would be able to do what I do now.
I will be the first to tell you that its not the most Fabulous final cake:) To this day, it is my favourite cake and I discovered one of my biggest passions in life. We all have to start somewhere. I have seen so much talent with our students here in Deelite and feel honored to be apart of their journey.

I will be the first to say that I have not learned it all, but I LUV what I do and always love discovering where cake decorating will take me.

I hope this cake inspires you as much as it inspired me.