Friday, September 10, 2010

Lotsa excitment!

ts been an extremely exciting week. Our store is almost done and we can't wait to start merchandising in our new premise.
Our classes and cake studio have been moving along very well and we have been busily decorating away. The week has just zipped by so quickly I can't believe its already the weekend.
We got a surprise email from Cayden's mom today and it made our day.
We made an UHmazing Madagascar cake for Cayden's 4th birthday.
We hand sculpted all fore of the Madagascar animals into a giant cake.
As you can see from the photo, the cake was really a HUGE hit. And we had a great time making it all come to life.
To top it off we add 4 giant firework candles.
Cayden I"m sure was over the moon!:)
" please find attached 2 pics of the wonderful birthday cake you did for my son last Sunday with the Madagascar theme. Everyone loved the cake and I must say I was REALLY impressed and was definitely way more than I had expected. You guys did a beautiful job and my son loved the cake! Couldn't bear having to cut it open to eat !"

Here's the video. It will make you wanna Move!!!

Have a great weekend!