Tuesday, April 28, 2009

L&R Wedding!!!

My brother's wedding was this past Saturday and it was absolutely fantastic!
All year long, we've been discussing about his wedding cake and favor design. It seem like his wedding was an eternity away, until the week of his wedding came and everything started to happen all at the same time. It was all very exciting and memorable.
I went all out for Russell and Linda's cake and it was so much fun for me to be apart of their special celebration. We did an extravagant 5 tier cake alternating with 2 tiers of gorgeous flower arrangement which made the cake 7 tiers all together.

So you're probably wondering why I don't have a shot of them cutting the cake. You'll never believe this, I was in the restroom when they cut the cake:( Sadness!!!!I KNOW!!!!!! All night I waited and just when I left for less than 5 minutes.....they cut the cake. Thank God, they had a photographer. I'll post it up when the photos are ready.
I did manage to snap a shot of the cake after it was cut. Oh and Julie one of our fabulous cake girls here also added a final detail of the knife corsage to match the cake. LUVed that idea:) thanx Jules!!!!
We also made fabulous favor boxes filled with
Russell's Favourite Brownies and Linda's Favourite Cookies.

ANNNNND........ we also made jr. red velvet cupcakes for the dessert platter served at the end of our wedding feast.

I'd like to say a special thanx to the entire Deelite team. This would not have been possible without everyone of you. All 480 brownies, 1,640 cookies, 480 red velvet cupcakes and 5 tier red velvet cake and FABULOUS floral cake arrangement. It was great doing this with all of you. You made Russell's and Linda's wedding an absolute DEEEEEEEEEEElite and absolutely unforgettable!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Horse Cookies

Giddy Up Baby !!!
We decorated 144 of these adorable horse cookie favors for private bank Julius Bar

Here is a shot of them before they were snuggled into their crystal clear favor bags and fabulous matching bow.

Here's a final shot of our horses before they galloped off to their event.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute, Adorable and YUMMY Cupcakes!!

Our week has kicked off with lotsa confetti:) So I thought I'd show you some of our most recent cupcake creations. Here are our most recent Schnauzer cupcakes that we finished off this aftenoon.

Here they are all packed up ready to party:) Ruff Ruff!!!!

We decorated a topper cake and 6 dozens of our heart throb cupcakes for a special 30th Birthday celebration.
Here' s an edible photo of the birthday girl when she was lil. Isn't she so cute.I love this photo as she is licking her fingers and giving her birthday cake a taste:)
As requested, she wanted her cake accessorized with a hot pink Hermes bag, lipstick and a Chanel necklace.
Last but not least, is our friendly croc cupcake cake. Isn't he so adorable:) His teeth are edible as well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Gold Bar Cake!

We had a FABULOUS request to make an edible pyramid made out of 10 gold bars.
Inside each gold bar is chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.
The cake was made for a company party.

Check out our video.
If you watch the video, I tried to lift the cake and turn it for the camera but the cake was so heavy I couldn't do our usually 360 cake turning dance routine.
Not to worry, the camera was still able to get a few good shots.
Enjoy!!! Oh and one more thing, we were in a bit of a rush to get the cake out, so I apologize for the short video.
Have a GOLDEN weekend:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes!!!

For those of you who were huge fans of our Cookie Monster cupcakes, these will definitely brighten up your day.
After our post on our Cookie Monster cupcakes, we got a special request to do both Elmo and Cookie Monster. When I received the request, I thought it was a brilliant idea??? Hello....why didn't I think of that before:)
Cookie Monster has to have his buddy Elmo:)
So here they are.

For those of you who haven't seen the step by step process of how to do our cute Cookie Monster cupcakes, you must check out the post.
Unfortunately, I got so caught up with our magazine shoot that I didn't have enough time to do a step by step photo shoot of our Elmo cupcakes.

I promise, I will post that the next time we do these OH SOOOOOOO YUMMY and ADORABLE Elmos

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mini Purse Cakes!!!

We were asked earlier this week to be apart of a magazine shoot for Next magazine. The theme was Mother's day so I designed these pretty mini purse cakes. I accessorized the bag with a letter "M" for mom and an edible pearl necklace and pink "diamond" ring:) And yes of coarse the pink diamond is edible.

Here's a side profile.

I had so much fun doing these cakes, of coarse I had to shoot a video.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sweet Horse and Girly Cake

For a tween birthday, we created this adorable horse theme cake for Michelle's 12th birthday. Both the cute lil girl and horse were hand sculpted. The flavor of the cake was our signature chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling.

"Again, the cake gets all the attention. Thank you very much for making this lovely cake and your effort to make it early in order for us to catch the ferry to Macao before dinner. My birthday girl loves the cake so much. Thank you all again."-Stephanie

Monday, April 6, 2009

Peak Tram 120th anniversary Part II

Some of you who have been following our blog know that we did a cake for the Peak Trams 120th anniversary. It was really an honor to be apart of such a monumental celebration in Hong Kong. I was so very very excited when they picked us to do the cake for their press conference.

This is a blast from the past but I just found a gem in my file of videos. I can't believe I forgot I had it. The reason why I didn't upload it all this time is because I"ve recently just learned how to upload videos on youtube. I know I'm sooooooooooooooooo behind, but at least I know how now, and I can finally share this great video with you.

This video was shot at the press conference. Its so funny listening to myself commenting on the video. If I sound exhausted, is because i was totally wiped out. That day was rainy and very humid which meant very terrible conditions for a cake let alone a 5 tier topsy turvey cake to be delivered. You can also see how tall the cake stood by the background ppl standing on the back.

With a lot of prayer, the cake stood up beautiful and tall through out the entire press conference. This was by far one of my most memorable moments of my cake decorating career.
This cake was also featured in a local newspaper the following day.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Shower Jr. Cupcakes

Today our store was closed for public holiday. But our goodies were still out in action:)
Here are some one of a kind Jr.Cupcakes I did for a very special baby shower.
I say one of a kind not because they have never been done before but because its something you have probably never seen on our website.
So don't be surprised if you can't find a Jr.Cupcakes portfolio on our website. FYI, our JR.cupcakes are available in all of our flavors we offer for our regular size cupcakes. I promise it will all be updated on our website soon.
Hope you enjoy these lil cuties.
Here is our baby pea and baby duckee Jr.Cupcakes.
I hand sculpted the toppers with our yummy marshmallow fondant.

And just in case ur wondering how Jr. is a Jr. Cupcake here you go.

I guarantee you won't be able to just eat one:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Easter Goodies & Anya

Easter is still buzzing here in Deelite. Not only that, we recieved our new shipment on Monday. Its been taking us sometime to clear the floor as we've all been hopping around doing classes and preparing for some other great Easter treats/events.
Please do excuse the store, it'll look as good as new by next week.
We were asked to be apart of Anya Hindmarch's Spring Collection Launch!!!! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!! Anyways for those of you who have no idea who that is, Anya H. is a famous bag designer. Here is one of her bags you may have seen:

For their Deelite treats, they wanted all their cookies and cupcake tower to have a spring theme.
Here are some videos of our Anya Spring goodies and more:) Enjoy!!!!

Part 2 video