Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Shower Jr. Cupcakes

Today our store was closed for public holiday. But our goodies were still out in action:)
Here are some one of a kind Jr.Cupcakes I did for a very special baby shower.
I say one of a kind not because they have never been done before but because its something you have probably never seen on our website.
So don't be surprised if you can't find a Jr.Cupcakes portfolio on our website. FYI, our JR.cupcakes are available in all of our flavors we offer for our regular size cupcakes. I promise it will all be updated on our website soon.
Hope you enjoy these lil cuties.
Here is our baby pea and baby duckee Jr.Cupcakes.
I hand sculpted the toppers with our yummy marshmallow fondant.

And just in case ur wondering how Jr. is a Jr. Cupcake here you go.

I guarantee you won't be able to just eat one:)