Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deelite Demo hightlights

We had a fabulous time this past Saturday featuring some Deelite techniques with all of our 
Deelite Club Members.
Our demo highlighted: FMM tappit products, Karen Davies moulds and Airbrushing.
Thank you to all of our club members who  made event such a success and so much fun!
Enjoy these great photos and we look forward to hosting our next demo in March:)
Some goodies we prepared for everyone.
demo on Karen Davies molds, Loriann oils and cookies.
Comments from our Club Members:
'The moulds are amazing!'
'Now we know how to remove designs from the moulds correctly.'
I went over how to assemble and maintain an airbrush machine and shared some fun airbrushing techniques to highlight cakes.
FMM tappits were a huge crowd pleaser. On my earlier blog post I shared how to use them. It's so much better seeing it live and yes everyone agreed tappits are "WOW" so easy and impressive!
Comments from our Club Members:
'quick, easy and detailed!'
'more variety and for many special occasions'
' It helps me to get more ideals for my cake!'
Happy Decorating everyone:)
Look forward to seeing you all at our next Deelite Club Members event:)
This deelited member's comment made our day:)
 "Thank you so much. It was fab it was very helpful and opens up to endless possibilities on what you can do. Look forward to the next one. "

Monday, February 17, 2014

We Luv FMM cutters!!!

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! So very sorry for the lateness of this. I was out with a terrible flu and was out sick through Valentines:( This is a late one but the great news is the tips are never too late to learn bow to use these fabulous cutteres. I promise you will love making these beauties.

Many people have no idea how to use these fabulous FMM cutters. When I was first introduced to them, I hated them and had no idea why anyone would make such a ridiculous gadget. It turns out I was the ridiculous one....... and now fmm cutters are my best friends:)
Lets get started: 
You'll need fmm cutters of your choice (we used Hearts & Cherubs set)
-gumpaste (wilton or Satin Ice)
-Lemon Extract   -Copper Color (wilton or americolor)
- 00 or 000 brush    -rolling pin
-angled spatula        -food markers
-corn starch
Mix in your copper color to make skin tone gumpaste
Roll out your gumpaste using the pink guides for thinness control.

Cut out appx 1" wide strips. The key tip is now you let the gumpaste dry out just a bit so that the top layer of your gumpaste is dry on top and bit wet on the inside.
This will make it easier for your FMM cutters to release your gumpaste from the cutters.
Now lets get cutting: first take your cornstart bag and tap some on your gumpaste and cutters
Put your cutter on top and press
To remove, you can  flick the gumpaste off by bending your cutter strip back and tapping it against your surface
If certain parts are still sticking onto your cutters take your brush to gently push out the gumpaste.
Lets try something with a bit more details, the gorgeous cherub
Sometimes I like to take my fingure to go over the more intriquit parts to make sure the imprint goes all the way through.
Tap it out or....
Use your brush to push it out. Its really simple once you let your gumpaste crust over and you add your cornstarch on before you cut out the shapes
Easy Peezy:)
You noticed we only made one color to cut out the shapes.
Thats because we will be painting the rest of the details using petal dust and lemon extract.
Your color options are endless and so easy to apply. Also whats great about lemon extract is that it dries in seconds.
I also love using the pearl petal dust to paint as it really adds a nice shimmer effect.
I used the black food marker to add on eyes and belly button:)

Forever Luv!!!!