Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cake Pops for Pacific Place Mall

We custom made 3 cake pop towers for Pacific Place Mall's New Renovation Launch event.
We designed the stands to match their swanky new make over. With their fabulous new make over, leave it to Pacific Place to be right on trend. They specifically wanted 3 fabulous cake pop towers. And we were very happy to be apart of their celebration.

We made hundreds of pops in the color theme of pink, red, gold & bronze.

Luving the bronze sugar on these pops.

We assembled the pops onto their custom cake pop towers.

Tah Dah!!!

Here's more pops for you to squeal over:)


Alien pops

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving-Thursday Nov 24th

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Wooooo Hoooooo. I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV thanksgiving. It kick starts my festive mood:)
And like every year, our turkey gobble gobble Turkey Cupcakes are always the most popular.

This year we lauched our Homestyle pumpkin pies:) My ultimate favourite pie in the whole wide world. Apple being my second. I use to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast when I was a kid. I didn't really like breakfast food like cereal, milk or toast......I was a stange one I know. I luved pumpkin pie so much my mom decided to serve that to me for breakfast. :)Lucky me I know..... Every so often we would get a super treat with an extra dallop of whip cream on top. I was the happiest kid in school. Pumpkin pie brings a lot of fond memorie for me. Through college Me and my roommates would always do a lil Thanksgiving get together before we went off on our Thanksgiving holidays. I liked to bake a pumpkin pie from scratch.
Years after that I was blessed to meet some really great Pie Connoseurs......and Tah Dahhhh We have the Perfect most deeeeeeeeeeelishes pumpkin Pie. We bake it entirely from scratch so you don't have to worry about any pre-frozen anything.

You still have time to order
$180/pie or
for you pumpkin pie breakfast eaters :)
2 for $350

Happy Thanksgiving!
I wish you a Thanksgiving full of wonderful memories with all the ones closest to you:)
Gobble Gobble!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rainbow Peony Wedding Cupcake Tower!

We made a Gorgeous 6 Tier Rainbow themed cupcake tower for a vibrant wedding celebration.

The Rainbow Topper cake was adorned with a fabulous bouquet of colorful Peony's & the tower was covered with 120 variety of colorful floral buttercream cupcakes.

Everything at the wedding was colorful and the setting and tables at the reception even coordinated with the cupcake tower color theme.

Its a rainy & gloomy day today in Hong Kong:(

So I know this video will bring some sunshine along your way.

And if its sunny wherever you are this cupcake tower may bring you a rainbow:)


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deelite Students Rock!!! SIS & Cake pops Class

I taught my last cake pop class of the year. We had a blast and my students got really creative with their pops:)

From Dogs, to Chicks to princesses, pigs and more....

Every year we hold a 3 day cake decorating seminar with South Island School high school teens. Year after year, the Deelite Cake Deco program gets more and more popular. I wish I had this in high school:)

We were so impressed by their natural skill and talent when it came to teaching them piping techniques.

Every student got a lesson on cupcakes, cookie and cake decorating.

Here's a student that's planning ahead for the festivities.

Students learning the fundamentals of cupcake decorating.They learned how to decorate with buttercream and fondant.

Happy cupcakes!

More happy cakes!

Happy Class:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our latest Wedding cakes:)

Here are our latest wedding cakes:)

One of our baby violet orchids wedding cakes was featured in Cosmo Bride:)

Not only that, our cake got an entire 1 page feature.

Thank you Cosmo Bride!

for another wedding celebration we created this fall inspired 3 tier cake.

We added an extra cake stand in the middle to give it a no traditional look. All the flowers on the cake were done with Damask stencil finish and then highlighted by hand to give it more dimension.

This pretty in pink cake was a perfect design for the couple wanted a classic and simple & classic cake. We dressed the top with a giant satin bow.

and drizzled the middle tier with pretty shads of pink flowers. The bottom tier we finished off with pleats and a lace broach.

For a simple and relaxed beach wedding. We made a simple cupcake tower highlighted with forget-me-not flowers.

Last but not least, here is an elegant white monogram wedding cake made for a not so traditional couple. You're probably wondering whats so not traditional about his cake????

Before I get into that I want to highlight that we did a replica of the couples monogram on the topper cake which also matched their wedding invitations.

Now the not so traditional part:)


We received a surprise message from the bride:

"Just want to say Thank you for delivering an absolutely delicious and glorious looking cake. It was exactly as we had envisaged and discussed. But most importantly, it tasted divine. All our guests raved about how good the cake was.
So thank you! Best Regards-A"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween News, Christian Dior Cookies & Macao Cupcakes!

We were swept away by a lot of excitement last week. We had our Halloween Super Sale, Fabulous Cookies for Christian Dior and more. I promise these photos will make up for my absence:) Halloween came and went and I can't believe the year is nearly ending. Is it me or did 2011 just zip by . Our Halloween themed cupcakes and cookies were as popular as ever this year.

We received a sweet lil email yesterday from our deelited fans:

"Comment from a six year old classmate which I was asked to pass along to the baker - "These are the best cupcakes in the world!"
Comment from me - Great job and I will be ordering again from you very soon!
Thanks and regards

HTC held a very special Halloween themed product Launch party for their VIP guests. And guess who got be apart of this event???We did!!! who said gadgets and icing don't go:) The launch party was held in our classroom and the event was a huge hit!

Not only did our VIP guests leave excited about the New HTC 3D phone, they had a blast making their Halloween cookies.

More cookie news.... We made 600 of these Fabulous cookies for Christian Diors V.I.P guests.

They held an exclusive event to launch their 2012 resort collection. Hence the fabulous sunglass cookies:)

Our cupcakes also received VIP treatment too.

For a super princess party, we made 250 of these GORGE glittery crown and shoe cupcakes accompanied by 7 of our cupcake towers. They were whisked away by helicopter for the extravagant birthday celebration in Macao.

Our cupcakes have experienced things I've never done:)

Happy Autumn day:)