Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween News, Christian Dior Cookies & Macao Cupcakes!

We were swept away by a lot of excitement last week. We had our Halloween Super Sale, Fabulous Cookies for Christian Dior and more. I promise these photos will make up for my absence:) Halloween came and went and I can't believe the year is nearly ending. Is it me or did 2011 just zip by . Our Halloween themed cupcakes and cookies were as popular as ever this year.

We received a sweet lil email yesterday from our deelited fans:

"Comment from a six year old classmate which I was asked to pass along to the baker - "These are the best cupcakes in the world!"
Comment from me - Great job and I will be ordering again from you very soon!
Thanks and regards

HTC held a very special Halloween themed product Launch party for their VIP guests. And guess who got be apart of this event???We did!!! who said gadgets and icing don't go:) The launch party was held in our classroom and the event was a huge hit!

Not only did our VIP guests leave excited about the New HTC 3D phone, they had a blast making their Halloween cookies.

More cookie news.... We made 600 of these Fabulous cookies for Christian Diors V.I.P guests.

They held an exclusive event to launch their 2012 resort collection. Hence the fabulous sunglass cookies:)

Our cupcakes also received VIP treatment too.

For a super princess party, we made 250 of these GORGE glittery crown and shoe cupcakes accompanied by 7 of our cupcake towers. They were whisked away by helicopter for the extravagant birthday celebration in Macao.

Our cupcakes have experienced things I've never done:)

Happy Autumn day:)