Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deelite Students Rock!!! SIS & Cake pops Class

I taught my last cake pop class of the year. We had a blast and my students got really creative with their pops:)

From Dogs, to Chicks to princesses, pigs and more....

Every year we hold a 3 day cake decorating seminar with South Island School high school teens. Year after year, the Deelite Cake Deco program gets more and more popular. I wish I had this in high school:)

We were so impressed by their natural skill and talent when it came to teaching them piping techniques.

Every student got a lesson on cupcakes, cookie and cake decorating.

Here's a student that's planning ahead for the festivities.

Students learning the fundamentals of cupcake decorating.They learned how to decorate with buttercream and fondant.

Happy cupcakes!

More happy cakes!

Happy Class:)