Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Je táime Sunshine!!!!

Yippppeeee we finally got some sunshine today!!!! Its been raining cats and dogs for the past week and I thought it would never end.
I was so happy when I saw sunshine peep through our office window today.
Je'taime SUNSHINE!!!! it makes all of us here in Deelite so happy.
Including our Handy Manny cookies:)
Sunshine also makes a welcome home party so much more memorable:)
I hope its sunny where ever you are. And if not, I hope this post made it sunnier:)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

double whammy cakes :)

We've been on a decorating whirlwind, apologies for my absence. Its the start of wedding season, retail events, Baby Showers and of course birthday parties. I can't wait to show you all our goodies. We've been on a pairs kick lately. Here's a Jersey shirt designed for a very special Boss. From the looks of it, his great loves in life are his babies and football:) The design was all thought up by his colleague which I thought was very sweet.
Luvin how baby princess is eyeing the football too
For a party of 2 friends. We combined 2 totally different themed cakes and decorated it together for this special birthday boy and girl.
Pooh for Katie
and Luigi the car for Max.
For a HUGE pokemon fan, we completed the Pokemon theme by having his buddy and pokemon ball with him. I mean pokemon wouldn't be Pokemon with out his Ball and Buddy! Its like French Fries without ketchup.....ok ok, I agree french fries are perfectly deelish without ketchup BUT ....
I just had to show you our Ketchup cake:) This cake was requested by a wife for her husband who is a huge ketchup fan.
Baby cookies have nothing to do with ketchup, but I couldn't resist and had to show you some of our latest baby cookie favors we made. Here are some personalized for Kirstin's baby shower.
Here's a trio Baby Luv cookie favor we made for another baby shower.
We snuggled these cuties is these great boxes the customer had.
Have a great week:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruff is in the Air!

Ruff is in the air:) Here are our latest puppy love creations.

His lil toes are so UH-dorable!!!!

For an intimate celebration, we hand sculpted a doggy figurine to put on top of a
sweet heart cake.
For a sweetheart wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel, we made these unforgettable wedding favor cookies .

Ruff is in the Air!!!!!:)
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Deelite in Cosmoplitan Bride!

Got some very exciting news!!!!Our cupcakes were featured in Cosmopolitan Bride magazine.
Whats even cooler is that our cake pops also got a SAWEEET mention.
Here is a close up of our ruffle flower cupcake and cake pops.
Since we're on the topic of Saweet UH-dorable news, we've been on a bear kick lately.
Here are our latest creations .
We custom made these bear shaped lollipop cookies for a birthday party favor.

For a birthday diva turning 10, we splashed her entire cake with pink diva leopard print.
As requested by the birthday girl, we added a lazer tag bear on the cake.
Everything about these 100 & 101 day is UNbearably cute!!!!
Had to show you a close up of the sparkly balloon spangle on top of the cake.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dads are Super!!!

Everyday should be fathers day.
Today especially, we like to give a HUGE hip hip Hooray to all the father's around the world.

Without Dads this world would not be the same.
And for this very reason, we like to wish all our dads a
Happy Father's Day!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Wilton Products!

Some of you may have received our newsletter raving about our new Wilton products.
They are so fabulous I had to share them with you.
Here is our great new cake toppers that just makes decorating so fun and easy.
ANNNNND my fave item is the Pre-mix royal icing. I know royal icing is really easy to make with only a few ingredients. But don't you just love it when all you gotta do is
For graduation season, we have some really great items to make it all the more memorable.
Now, this is something I did not mention in the newletter. My fave item in the photo often gets overlooked.
You see the teeny tiny packet in the photo that looks like a pack of fancy toothpicks.
As you can see, they're not just fancy picks for your teeth. These picks are so much fun. They're great for cupcakes, finger sandwiches, brownies, rice krispy treats, ice cream sundaes.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Siu Loong Pau Birthday

One of asian cuisines yummiest comfort food is dumplings. Hmmmm dumplings are so good anytime of the day.
The very popular one is Siu Loong Pau. Its a dumpling filled with meat and veggies and soup. The soup juice is the best part of the dumpling. Its dumpling and soup all in one yummolicious bite.
The fun part about this dumpling is where the juice goes. It goes where it wants to.:)
We had a request to make a giant Siu Loong Pau cake for a super dumpling fan.

We also got a special message from our cake fan:
"Just wanted to thank everyone for the one of a kind shao long bao cake! Ben loved it! It not only looked amazing but tasted great too! Thanks for making it a memorable birthday!

Enjoy the video and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Basset Hound Cupcake Cake

This is an oldy but goody.
Our Birthday Bubbles first birthday cake is one of our most popular designs. Its simple, fun and cheery. The colors just make you wanna PAR-TAY!!!!:)
We decided to give it a make over and add some birthday bubbles to the giant #1 sitting on the top of the cake.

Luvin the new look.

We got a request to decorate a cupcake cake into a Basset Hound Pup.
Underneath the yummo buttercream are 4 dozen choco and vanilla cupcakes.

Ruff It:)

Monday, June 7, 2010

ELLE Wedding Magazine Photoshoot

We've been holding back a lil surprise:) I luv surprises!!! I'm so much better at receiving them than giving them. I could not wait to tell all of you about our fabuloso cupcake feature in Elle Wedding. I thought it wouldn't be fun if the magazine wasn't out yet, so I waited for an entire month which felt like an eternity.
FINALLY, here it is...TAH DAH.

We designed 2 wedding cakes for the photo shoot. An Anemone cupcake tower and a 3 tier golden roses cake.

We all had a great time at the photoshoot.

Recognize this shot:)

I was asked what type of flower was on the cupcake as the editor had never seen a flower like that before.

You're probably wondering why I chose Anemone. It was the first flower that came into my mind when I was asked to design a cupcake for the photo shoot. Anemone's are chic, elegant and simply divine.
Need I say more:)

To add a lil Umph factor, I added a bit of blush color to the flowers.
A tad of pink of course:)

Elle Wedding out in stands now:)