Wednesday, June 2, 2010

King Size cupcakes, Aldo and more

Sometimes you just need a cupcake slightly bigger than a standard cupcake but smaller than a giant cupcakes. And our sweet solution to that is our King Size cupcake.
Our King Size cupcake is big enough to feed 3 ppl or 1 super cupcake fan.
For a super popcorn fan, we made her a personalized king size cupcake topped off with her own bag of buttery popcorn.

Don't you just love how the kernels are drizzling over the cupcake.

Of course we didn't stop our popcorn madness there. We surrounded our King Size popcorn cupcake with more adorable popcorn cupcakes

WAIT, more cupcake news
We made Oodles and Oodles of cupcakes for Aldo's birthday celebration in IFC

We packed up these fabulous heels in individual cupcake window favor boxes.

More sweet surprises.
Our Kiehls cupcake got its 15 minutes of fame in SCMP.

Happy Happy Joy Joy:)