Sunday, June 27, 2010

double whammy cakes :)

We've been on a decorating whirlwind, apologies for my absence. Its the start of wedding season, retail events, Baby Showers and of course birthday parties. I can't wait to show you all our goodies. We've been on a pairs kick lately. Here's a Jersey shirt designed for a very special Boss. From the looks of it, his great loves in life are his babies and football:) The design was all thought up by his colleague which I thought was very sweet.
Luvin how baby princess is eyeing the football too
For a party of 2 friends. We combined 2 totally different themed cakes and decorated it together for this special birthday boy and girl.
Pooh for Katie
and Luigi the car for Max.
For a HUGE pokemon fan, we completed the Pokemon theme by having his buddy and pokemon ball with him. I mean pokemon wouldn't be Pokemon with out his Ball and Buddy! Its like French Fries without ketchup.....ok ok, I agree french fries are perfectly deelish without ketchup BUT ....
I just had to show you our Ketchup cake:) This cake was requested by a wife for her husband who is a huge ketchup fan.
Baby cookies have nothing to do with ketchup, but I couldn't resist and had to show you some of our latest baby cookie favors we made. Here are some personalized for Kirstin's baby shower.
Here's a trio Baby Luv cookie favor we made for another baby shower.
We snuggled these cuties is these great boxes the customer had.
Have a great week:)