Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter Everyone:)

Its been an exciting week leading up to Easter. 
 Our wedding cake got a mention in Noblesse Magazine:) Thank you so much Noblesse! 
We've been hopping around making Easter Treats.
We hosted an  Easter Cupcake Decorating Workshop for Christian Alliance International School.
As you can see these highschoolers had a blast.

Say Buttercream Smile:)
 I also taught my very first Couture Handbag Cake class.
The students were a bit nervous when  I started my demo on how to cut, shape & prep their cake. I assured them that their cake would look fabulous.
 Fast forward the class and Tah Dah....the cakes are looking great:) 

My favorite part  is putting on the final details.

 LUV IT!!!!
Luv this even more:) I was so proud of them. Who would think just a few hours earlier they were nervous. Now they are all Handbag cake pros!!!
Happy Easter Everyone!!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring is Here!

I"m so sorry for being MIA. After the TVB shoot we had a few very fun cake projects and classes which delayed my lil fingures from typing and updating you on all that's been going on here. 
For some of you who are following us on Facebook, have you noticed that our cake colors have suddenly gotten more colorful. It never fails that when Spring arrives, we suddenly get more requests for Pastel, bright & happy colored cakes. For me  that's when I know Spring has arrived. 

 Spring theme wedding cake for Mr. & Mrs. NM. 
 Luving the multi-colored cake board.
Rainbow Garden cake with matching rainbow Unicorn cookie favors.

 I had a brilliant time with all of my students on my first Perfect Box Cake class. 
I spent many hours planning for this class making sure no details were left out.
Here is my table set up before class. I had a check list of everything that was needed for the students so that they would have a smooth and enjoyable class.
 Here I am demonstrating how to cover a box cake with sharp edges
 I asked my class if they had ever covered a box cake before and 80% of them said no. 
I couldn't believe how well they covered their cakes and they even managed to finish it off with 
sharp edges:)
 Many other techniques were taught as well.
Nice Satin Bow with a pearl Finish.

 How to make a pearl necklace & Tissue.
I know that there are bows and pearls are very common and are generally very simple to make. 
But with a few of my deelite tips and techniques thier bows & pearl neckalaces went from nice to WOW!
 Super fun, I look forward to seeing some of my students again for my
Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Deelite on TVB!

Last Wednesday TVB did a TV shoot at  our store. 
They are launching a brand new cupcake show and they chose to feature our store.
I had the chance to share about all the oodles and oodles of cake decorating products in our store.
After our store tv shoot I had to prep for my shoot at the TVB studio 4 days later (last Sunday) where me and some other cake decorators were asked to feature some engagement cupcake designs.
 I had the joy of meeting other local cake artists and pastry chefs and it was really great having some time to talk to cake enthusiasts in the same industry. As we are all very busy it is really very rare that we get to meet each other and hang out. 
The theme of the show was Engagement cupcake. I designed a Giant Cupcake Surprise.
There was a live audience on set so I showed them how to make dreamy 3D butterflies, edible Diamond ring and more.
I won't show you the Giant Cupcake Surprise yet but here's a pic of me getting my makeup done before filming.
I never thought in a million years I"d get my makeup done at a TV studio. I got such a kick out of it I had to take a photo and show y'all:) Are you eyeing the make-up artists fab brushes too... they are so perfect for pedal dust:)
Before I go into how my TV shoot went I would like to say firstly, I had no idea how much work goes into a TV show. The production assistants were working around the clock making sure everything went smoothly.
We spent almost an entire day at the studio and when it came to my part I was ready to roll. Here I am ready to decorate and share the sweet news!
You wanna see my Giant Cupcake Surprise check out the show March 9th,Saturday 
TVB Jade-8pm
Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Feelin Organic Today

We had the joy of making a fabulous cake for Fresh Line Organics
We highlighted everything about thier company logo on a 3 tier cake. 

Lavender, Honey Comb, baby Daises, Oranges nuts, Olives and other organic goodies were all made with Gum paste
Here is some Orange Gum paste
I rolled into an orange shape added some texture detailing and Tah Dah 
Its not looking like a happy orange right now
I added some orange pedal dust and as you can see the one on the right is
so much yummier than the one on the left. 
Its even yummier when the oranges are sliced and ready to eat:)
Here's a close up of our Gum paste lavender, honey comb, olives and other goodies
All the guests also got to enjoy a variety of pastel colored yummy in the tummy cupcakes.