Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Harpaar's Bazaar Cupcake Surprise!!!!

Today has been full of excitement. My day started off with a wonderful Course 2 graduation. Check out their fab cakes:) Believe it or not, they were all able to complete their cakes in 2 hours.

Then when I finished class, I saw large envelope on my desk. Inside was a Harper's Bazaar magazine.

I was so excited as I LUUUUUUUUUUUV to read fashion magazines.

As I was reading it, I saw an article about Hong Kong and suddenly saw Complete Deelite.... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK ...I screamed so loud it scared my office buddy and probably the person she was on the phone with :P

Karen Chai-Poch noted us as her favourite cupcake bakery! " The best cupcakes in town" to be exact:) I was so excited about the fabuloso Bazaar news my office mate snuck a shot of me.

Are you feeling my excitement now:)

I'm a cupcake dork and lovin it:) Thank you Harper's Bazaar and Karen!

Native American CC's for Joyce!

We received a lovely email from Joyce recently.

Check out her Native American cupcakes!

"Hello Complete Deelite team,
This email is a very late one, but I just wanted to say thank you for making the lovely "native american" themed cupcakes for my birthday!
Everyone enjoyed the cupcakes very, very much. I can't wait for my next excuse to order from you again.

I luv the American Indian Couture head pieces:)

We loved making these one of a kind Native American cupcakes.

It was our first time doing cupcakes for this original theme. We had heaps of fun.

Check out more photo from Joyce's party on her blog.快樂生日/


Monday, July 27, 2009

A Deelited Smurf:)

Earlier this month we did a Smurf cupcake tower for Jared.
We got these FABULOUS photos back from our deelited smurf.
"I just want to say that the cake you made for my son's Birthday party was Perfect, not only did it look adorable it was delicious!
The catering and the balloons was great!
Here are just a few pictures from the party. --Cindy"

This is my absolute favourite photo.
No holds bard Jared, its your birthday and your very own smurf!!!!
And don't chya just love his matching blue birthday outfit:)

Still going.......I so agree Jared, icing first:)

Luving this mother & smurf moment:)

I can't help but notice, I think Mommy dear also wore a smurf shirt.
HELLO......can we say LUV!!!!

Feeling the blues ain't so bad after all:)
Happy Monday!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Pink Dinosaur Birthday Party!!!!

I celebrated my birthday this past w-end.
My original idea was just to have a casual bowling party.
The Pink-Dino theme idea actually started as a joke between my friend and I.
And at the end of my evite, I signed off as the Old Pink Dinosaur.
My friend got such a kick out of my "Old Dino" comment that I thought it would be cool to theme the entire party as the Pink Dino Party.
I had a blast planning the party.
Of coarse the first thing I did was design my birthday cake.
I wanted a BRIGHT pink cheery dinosaur.
Here I am adding the long Lasting Eye lashes on my birthday mascot.

I had just finished my pink dino cake when this shot was taken.
Isn't she Adorable:)

Then I custom made my very own dinosaur cookies and decorated them.

And to get everyone in the pink dino mood while we were all bowling,
I designed some cool dinosaur themed t-shirts. Everyone LUVED them!!!!
This was our most popular design. The shirt read
"RAWR, this means I love you in dinosaur language!"
hmmmmm this puts a whole new meaning to the movie Jurasic park huh..:)
And of course I had to cover the entire bowling alley with balloons & dinosaur themed table covers, cups, plates and balloons.

We all had an unforgettable time.
It was my first ever Dinosaur party and I felt like a kid again.
My Dino cookies were a huge hit too!
Who woulda thought that dino cookies would be such a huge hit with a bunch of full grown adults.

Believe it or not, it was the very first time I decorated my very own birthday cake.
I had the best time doing it...
...can't you tell:)

If you ever get sad when that next birthday comes around,
throw yourself a Pink Dinosaur party, I promise you'll have the time of your life:)


--the Pink Dinosaur!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cake Video!

Hope y'all had a great weekend.
I celebrated my birthday this past Saturday, it was heaps of fun. I have lotsa fun photos so I"ll post it on my next post.
We've been working very hard on our longest cake video:)
Its a compilation of our latest creations.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cookie Madness!

Its been a very exciting week.
My course 1 students graduated yesterday. We had a blast and will be starting our course 2 this coming Monday:) Here they are:
Congrats Ladies:)
We've also been on a Cookie Fix. Here are some cookie favors we've done recently for baby shower and birthdays.

We've also been busily working on our brand new cookie portfolio. As mentioned earlier a few weeks ago, we updated our cake and cupcake portfolio. Well very soon our cookie portfolio will be in a pink book too.

Can't wait, will keep y'all posted when its done!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Smurfs Up!

We decorated this adorable baby smurf topper cake for a cupcake tower.
In addition to the cupcake tower, we also catered food and 150 matching blue balloons.
Oh I forgot to mention, don't chya just love how the #2 is hanging off his lil smurfy blue hands:)
Here's an attempt shot of the 150 helium balloons.
Wasn't quite what I was trying to capture.

Then we got smart and managed to snap a shot with our super doooper balloon assistant.
Ah this shot is better, can we say Smurf's Up:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leica Camera Cupcakes

Soon after our last blog post, we got a follow up email from our camera cupcake fans.
"Dear Complete Deelite,
Thank you so much for the Leica cupcakes! My Boyfriend loved it so much!

Can we say LUV!!!!!!

Oh and of course "CHEEEEEEESE":)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Hols:)

We're officially well into summer and I'm all smiles because it is my favourite season of the entire year.
Summer also means holiday time, so I decided to dedicate this post for all you summer holiday peeps:)
We decorated this cake for a super jetsetter. We based the design of the luggage off a tumi design.

And here are some cupcakes to remind you not to forget your sneakers when you pack
And also your camera:)

Happy Summer Travels!

Friday, July 3, 2009

After Wedding News!

I love hearing from our wedding couples after their wedding.
It's a real treat for us to receive follow up emails from our special couples as
I know so much goes into a wedding.
We did cupcakes for Joachim and Eunice's wedding last December.
She surprised me with a very sweet email.
"I read your blog regularly so you have a new fan for over half a year or so now, I'm so happy when I read your blog, seeing all the creation you had. It is amazing. Anyways, I know it's late but better than never, the wedding photos are ready"
Loving this photo, it was taken at Bethany Chapel.

Here are our cupcake favors displayed on our wedding cupcake stand.

Look closely, you'll see their personalized logo on the cupcake box.

Have a fab weekend!
Oh I forgot to mention, if you like thier photos, Ann Choi was thier photographer.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goodies at our store!

These are not cakes:) we just got a bunch of new Pinatas if you haven't been to our store lately.
If you have no idea what a pinata is, its a must have for your next party.
You fill it up with Sweets and toys, get your guests to hit it open with a stick and POW, the yummy candy comes poring out. Oh and I forgot, don't forget to blind fold the person before they take a swing.
Have you seen our announcement on our website about our Jr. Cupcakes.
Well if you ever need to make your own Jr. Cupcakes, we have an exciting variety of Jr. Cupcake case designs.
Hope to see you soon:)