Sunday, January 18, 2015

Complete Deelite's 10th Anniversary Party Celebration!!!!

Its been 10 years and boy what a ride it has been. Hmmm where do I even start. Well firstly I sure do feel "YOUNG"..... Forever 21 I always say:)

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One thing is for sure, I am ever so greatful for the blessings and the many people I have met through Complete Deelite. Complete Deelite would not have been possible without all of our loyal customers, my family and our dedicated Deelite team. Most of you see my face on all the videos, in magazines and sometimes on subway posters during your morning commute, but truly truly this show is not a 1 woman show.  Without our hard working and passionate Deelite team and my mom, brother, stepdad, dad, husband, my 2 lil boys it would not be the same.
Just like a cake, a cake is  not a cake if you just put flour in a pan and stick it in the oven. You need butter, eggs, sugar & spice and then you gotta beat it up with a mixer...... OUCH yes sometimes it hurts and the mix goes through a process but once its baked Oooooooh the satisifaction of freshly baked cake, the aroma, the fluffiness, the yumminess its unforgettable. It has been an adventurous and amazing ride and we look forward to seeing what the next chapter will reveal:)

In celebration of our 10th anniversary we invited all of our Deelite friends and family aka "ingredients" and had an amazing night of thanksgiving.
Here are some highlights. Sit back, relax and enjoy.. You will see my DREAM birthday cake keep reading.....
Now a birthday party is not a party with out yummy food.
The night was filled the surprises.
After our tummies were full, we enjoyed a fabulous video about our 10 year journey. How the video guys squeezed 10 years into 10 minutes is amazing. 
After the video we showered the room with a cake show:) I"ve always wanted to do this and was so happy to bring my cake dreams to life. Each table was presented with a special Deelite cake. All 12 cakes were different designs. 
And then my dream birthday cake got rolled out......Giant Cupcake garden made from 1,500 mini cupcakes:) Best part was we all sang Happy Birthday as all the fireworks were being lit. The room was absolutely magical. 
And the crowd went wild!!!
And Deelite Family went wild too:)
And then more surprises....
In honor of our 10th Anniversary we put together a cake decorating booklet It's a Sweet World! This booklet features cake decorating techniques and projects from all over the world.
The best birthday party ever!!!!

Enjoy this super video featuring the  History of Deelite, how we started,the dramatic stories and more:)