Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CNY and lotsa Oh so Cute & Pretty!

Chinese New Year is right around the corner.
This year is the year of the snake. As you know me by now I"m all about cute and pretty. And if I can help it unless requested I like to keep things nostalgic, cuddly, and "oh  so cute &Pretty!"
Yes, in Deelite even a snake gets to look "Oh so cute & pretty"!

Quit often CNY & Valentines Day falls on the same week. So I thought I'd combine a CNY-Valentine cookie. 

 Speaking of love, for a cat themed wedding we made the cutest cat couple in the world.
My favorite part  of coarse are the kitty tales intertwined making a sweet heart shape. Go ahead I know you wanna say it.....
"Oh so cute & pretty":)

Believe it or not, people have been in the Valentines mood already. 
Here are some Heart Throb cupcakes we made for a wedding function. 

Last but certainly not least, I"m prepping for my first class of the year. Ultimate Spangle Cake Class
The class is fully booked and I"m so excited to be teaching my students how to cover their cake, make their spangles and decorate with glitter, punchers, embossers and all the things to make their cake 
"Oh so Cute and Pretty"  :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jaxton's 100th Day Circus Cake

We've had so much fun designing and making Jaxton's Circus theme birthday cake this past weekend.
We've done many different circus theme cakes before.
We decided to bring the circus cake design up a few notches by adding a few fabulous touches. Personalized birthday banner which I LUVED doing with matching circus poles cascading down the cake. Don't you just love the fondant 2 tone swirl  on the poles are so smooth. 
Its always the little details that get me really excited:)  Don't get me wrong, Baby Jaxton is pretty cute but I mean that lil personalized banner is just DELICIOUS....literally its edible too......Eeeeek can't stand it  even Jaxton's lil ducky  got so excited he couldn't sit up.
Jaxton's birthday banner with the tri color border.
 We even made Jaxton's matching 100 day candle.
Mr. Lion
The birthday party was celebrated at the beautiful Ritz Carlton and every guest received an Elephant and Lion Lollipop cookie. 
Gotta See this cake in 3D Enjoy the video. If you wanna know what I used to make the banner I share it on the video too:)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Will You Marry Me?

We've had the joy of being apart of many engagements. I often get asked what my most memorable cakes are and I think it is when we are asked to do Engagement cakes. It is such an honor and so much fun to be apart of the surprise. It's like the highlight of our week, everyone is talking about it and we all get excited when the future fiance picks up the cake or we make a special delivery. 
Our first engagement cake for 2013 really started off our year with a bang.
The special boyfriend designed a set of very sentimental cupcakes. Every detail had a special meaning to him and his princess bride. 

 When he came to pick up his cupcakes he even took a picture of us giving him his precious surprise.
Whatever happened after that I'm sure was magical because our new Deelite couple emailed us this beautiful photo collage. LUV!!! How thoughtful is this photo collage.
And a sweet message from the couple:
"Thanks for making such nice cupcakes for my proposal.
On that night, everything was perfect and she was very surprised to have a such memorable cupcakes.
Anyway thanks for helping me to make these cupcake for her...." JT

 How could Princess Bride not say....
  Congratulations to our New Deelite Prince & Princess Bride. We wish you a beautiful season of engagement and an even more magical Wedding:!!!