Monday, October 29, 2012

Popeye Cakes, Cupcakes and Cake Pops!!!

 We recently made a fabulous Popeye themed birthday cake for a Super Dooper Strong Spinach eating 1 year old. 
The entire theme of the party was decked out with Popeye theme so of coarse we went all out with the cake, cupcakes and cake pops:)

We made oodles of these adorable spinach can cake pops to go around the entire cake display. 
Yes, the silver can is edible. We used edible luster dust for chocolate to get the shiny silver finish. Fab!!
 Here's a close up.
 I sculpted 4 layers of cake to make a can. The cake flavor was vanilla cake with Mango & Cream Filling
Here's a shot of the Mango & Cream Filling.

Ahhh much better with Text.
Luv the Matching "D" & Anchor tattoo
 Then we made oodles of Popeye theme cupcakes to go around the cake display with the cake pops.
 Here's the display looking nice with the cake pops.
 Tah Dah much better with the cupcakes!!!
And yes, somewhere under that pretty pink jacket is a muscle just as big as Popeye's:)
Now eat yo spinach, cake, cupcake and cake pops!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to make Spider Cupcakes!!!

You know whats just around the corner. Its that time of the year again and its time for us to get into the kitchen and get decorating. 
There's nothing like an adorable spider cupcake project to get us back into the decorating mood. 
You know as soon as Halloween is over there will be many occasions to decorate goodies--Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Chinese New Years, Valentines, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day annnnnnd hmmmm Oh and how could I forget family birthdays, thanks yous, welcome homes, graduations..........AHHHHHHHHH and then SUMMER HOLIDAY:)
 So lets get cracking. 

All you need is:
Licorice Strings + Candy Eyealls + Choco Sprinkles + Buttercream + Cupcakes

 Step 1: 
Spread some buttercream on top of your cupcakes. 
The buttercream doesn't have to be perfectly smooth because you will be covering the top of each cupcake with some chocolate sprinkles. 
After spreading the cupcakes with buttercream, you can dip your cupcake in a bowl of chocolate sprinkles to cover the entire top of cupcake.

 Step 2:
Cut licorice string into desired length then stick 4 strings on each side of the cupcakes making 8 legs in total.
 Step 3:
Stick the candy eyeballs on top of the cupcake. 
Of Coarse I had to do them in.................................
What else Preeeeeeeeeeeeety Pink:)
So here we go Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Dip in pink spinkles
 Put on the legs
 Remember the eyeballs don't have to look perfectly straight. You can make the spiders look a bit Wonky by placing the eyeballs one up and one down.
 Oops ran outta legs.... Or you can have some with no legs tooooo.
Now thats pretty spoooky:)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wooohoooo David MacCarfrae!!!

 Its been Way toooooooooo long I know. I got swept away by David MacCarfrae's Royal Jubilee Tea Party and Classes. It was absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!
David and Edward's creativity is unimaginable and only if you see him in person do you understand how incredible he his.
We took loads of photos so you all can experience David  too. 
Here you go!
Our first 2 events were held at the beautiful Aberdeen Marina Club
The Royal Jubilee Tea party was held at the beautiful Ballroom. 
David wowed the guests with his grand entrance and surprised them with his Piano skills. 
 As if his piano tunes weren't enough, he bedazzled the guests with his Royal Icing extravaganza.
 After the Tea Party, David taught a Jubilee Cupcake Workshop.

 Students learned how to pipe, free hand decorate and make roses.
 Following day David hosted his Royal Icing inspiration class at Complete Deelite.
 Now if this cake doesn't inspire you to pipe I don't know what would.

Next was the Royal Painting class which is one of my faves:)

Last but certainly not least David's 2 Day Royal Master Class.
 Students learned how to do intricate detailed royal icing piping.
Stack their 3 tier cake


Great times David & Edward. !!!