Friday, May 27, 2011

Masquerade PARTAY TIME!!!

This cake is perfect to kick off the weekend.
For a masquerade themed birthday party, we made a 3 tier cake with tons of glitz, glamour & glitter.
Everything on the cake is edible. We made all the masks with gumpaste accented it with powder color dust and glitter.
even the feathers are made out of Gumpaste.
Not to worry, I got a video for you to see it all:)
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

All about the lil details:)

I often get asked what my favourite cake is to decorate. It's always hard to say as I LUV to decorate cakes so I guess ....everything????Which is kinda a boring answer.

After all these years, I've finally discovered my favourite type of cake I LUV to do. Its not really a type of cake but more about the story I imagine in my mind when I'm doing the lil details. The lil details always make my day.
Like when Mr. Monkey is grasping onto #1 as his other hand is holding onto his prized Banana:)
Cuz we all know Mr. Monkey will never let go of his banana not even to share with the birthday girl:)

Or when we're asked to make a cute bear on top of a spring themed cake. I imagine the bear sitting so pretty with her pink bow on her head surrounded by a shower of the sweetest

spring flowers

A simple cake for Summer Pool Party always makes me laugh. I imagine everyone having so much fun in the pool they don't even want to get out to eat cake:)

I giggle every time I make the lap swimmer as he's trying to weave between the party animals. My ultimate favourite part is adding the splash marks on his body. I literally feel like I"m swimming with them at the party.

For a Romantic English Wedding I loved the Drapes and pearl drops that dangle dainty flowers on the edge of the cake. As the bride also had similar details to her dress it was so wonderful celebrating her special day with her

I also luv doing designer bag cakes but my favorite part was adding the pretty flutterflies to the bag.

I imagine the dainty colorful Flutterflies fluttering everywhere as she is blowing out her candles.


Last but certainly not least. Even spiderman couldn't get away without a lil detail.:)

P.S it was pulling teeth trying to take away our red bow from Spiderman's hands before packing him up for his birthday party.

Have a great weekend!

Hope all the lil details you see takes you on an unforgettable journey:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Luv Piggy Cakes!- Quintus 'First Birthday

I'm a HUGE piggy fan. They're pink, pudgy and have the cutest lil curly tail:)
I was so excited when we got a request to do a piggy themed cake.

We made the cutest piggy birthday cake for Quintus' first birthday.

I was smiling the entire time I was sculpting the piggy.

I got a lil surprise on my desk the day after we delivered the cake.

A lil birdy dropped off a newspaper and our Piggy got its 15 minutes of fame:) Woooo Hoooo

Enjoy the video. I hope this piggy brightens up your day:) Oink Oink!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mercedes class and More Part 2

Mercedes and Alex are back home in Orlando and we miss them dearly. We had an amazing 2 weeks with them and lots of fab memories. Our students díd fantastic work in all of the classes. Here are some highlights from Mercedes' Handbag & Shoe & Topsy Turvy , Gumpaste Flower and Wedding Cake Class.

Since we're on the topic of shoes, I couldn't wait another day to show you these delectably adorable eensy weensy stilettos we made for a very special celebration.

We made each stiletto with very light pink gumpaste and dusted it with pink pearl dust.

Back to Mercedes classes. The day after her Handbag and Shoe class, we had a whimsical time learning how to stack and decorate Topsy Turvy Cakes.


Last Thursday and Friday was her 2 day Gumpaste Flower class. The students learned a beautiful assortment of Gumpaste flowers. Calla Lillies, Orchid, Giant Rose and more.

We capped off Mercedes' week with her Wedding Cakes Class.

Some of you may have also seen us at the Satin Ice booth at the Hofex convention last week. I did some demos at the booth. It was really great meeting all of you there.

Here I am with Kevin O'reilly the founder of Satin Ice

I want to say a special Thank you to Mercedes,Alex Strawchsky and all the students for another memorable time at Deelite. A special thanks to all the students who travelled from India, Australia,Thailand,Brazil & USA.

We look forward to having Mercedes & Alex Back again:)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mercedes & More!!!!

Hi Hi, we're still here:) So sorry for the long absence, Mercedes and Alex arrived and before I knew it a week flew by. I got lots to share so I won't delay any longer.
Last week was so super dooper exciting, I thought I"d do a week in review.
Mercedes arrived and we kicked off the week with her first class:

Fundamentals of Fondant.

Following day Mercedes did her fabulous figurine class. The students had so much fun making their Animal Figurines they almost missed out on Mercedes Fabulous Fairy. Not to worry, there was no way we would dismiss the class without them seeing this UHMAZING fairy completed right before their very own eyes. I was super impressed by our students figurine work as all the students came from many different levels of cake decorating.

Before I get into the next thing, I wanted to take a short lil commercial break and share that we made some fabulous treats for Petit Bazaar's store grand opening.

All their Cake pops, Cupcakes and Cookies were all coordinated in pink.
And we also celebrated Kowloon International School's 75th birthday. We made a GINORMOUS Antique Book cake and 1,200 cookies for this monumental birthday celebration.

The Cake was so huge I had to stand up on a step ladder to get this shot

Here are the favors we made for their celebration.

All 1,200 cookies packed and ready to go!

Now back to the Strawchskys':) The day after Mercedes' figurine class, Master Pastry Chef Alex taught his baking class. I was so blown away with what he taught I wish I signed up for the class too:)
The students learned the fundamentals of how to adjust any recipe to their personal taste. How to make different types of icings, tres leche cake,& caramel cake.

Simmering caramel in the making.

It was so cute, Alex waited for Mercedes to come out to help with pulling the Caramel as he said "she loves to pull the caramel"Awwwwwwwww:) LUV!!!

Mercedes sure does luv pulling that caramel! The cake was GORGE!!!!

This week, we have Mercedes handbag and shoe class, wedding cakes and Gum paste Flower Class. I can't wait to see all the goodies the students will be making.Keep y'all posted:)

Last but certainly not least, for all you Fabulous Mom's out there. We want to wish you a VERY HAPPY Belated Mother's Day:)