Saturday, May 21, 2011

All about the lil details:)

I often get asked what my favourite cake is to decorate. It's always hard to say as I LUV to decorate cakes so I guess ....everything????Which is kinda a boring answer.

After all these years, I've finally discovered my favourite type of cake I LUV to do. Its not really a type of cake but more about the story I imagine in my mind when I'm doing the lil details. The lil details always make my day.
Like when Mr. Monkey is grasping onto #1 as his other hand is holding onto his prized Banana:)
Cuz we all know Mr. Monkey will never let go of his banana not even to share with the birthday girl:)

Or when we're asked to make a cute bear on top of a spring themed cake. I imagine the bear sitting so pretty with her pink bow on her head surrounded by a shower of the sweetest

spring flowers

A simple cake for Summer Pool Party always makes me laugh. I imagine everyone having so much fun in the pool they don't even want to get out to eat cake:)

I giggle every time I make the lap swimmer as he's trying to weave between the party animals. My ultimate favourite part is adding the splash marks on his body. I literally feel like I"m swimming with them at the party.

For a Romantic English Wedding I loved the Drapes and pearl drops that dangle dainty flowers on the edge of the cake. As the bride also had similar details to her dress it was so wonderful celebrating her special day with her

I also luv doing designer bag cakes but my favorite part was adding the pretty flutterflies to the bag.

I imagine the dainty colorful Flutterflies fluttering everywhere as she is blowing out her candles.


Last but certainly not least. Even spiderman couldn't get away without a lil detail.:)

P.S it was pulling teeth trying to take away our red bow from Spiderman's hands before packing him up for his birthday party.

Have a great weekend!

Hope all the lil details you see takes you on an unforgettable journey:)