Monday, May 2, 2011


Mercedes Strawchsky and family will be at Deelite in less than a week. We've been busily organizing and preparing for her arrival. Her classes are gonna be UHMAZING!

This cake says it all. You will all be smiling like this after her and her husbands baking class.

We got a request to make a smiley face cake for a 30th birthday party.

The birthday girl also wanted her kitty with her so we made a cute lil kitty playing around with her yarn balls. And to really make it a 30th celebration I will now need you to close your eyes and imagine. Yes, I'm talking to you...close your eyes and imagine the big smiley face is a BIG ROUND ZERO........your ready...

TAH DAH!!!we added a #3 candle with a cute lil pink bow and there you have it...

A BIG #3-0 celebration.