Monday, May 9, 2011

Mercedes & More!!!!

Hi Hi, we're still here:) So sorry for the long absence, Mercedes and Alex arrived and before I knew it a week flew by. I got lots to share so I won't delay any longer.
Last week was so super dooper exciting, I thought I"d do a week in review.
Mercedes arrived and we kicked off the week with her first class:

Fundamentals of Fondant.

Following day Mercedes did her fabulous figurine class. The students had so much fun making their Animal Figurines they almost missed out on Mercedes Fabulous Fairy. Not to worry, there was no way we would dismiss the class without them seeing this UHMAZING fairy completed right before their very own eyes. I was super impressed by our students figurine work as all the students came from many different levels of cake decorating.

Before I get into the next thing, I wanted to take a short lil commercial break and share that we made some fabulous treats for Petit Bazaar's store grand opening.

All their Cake pops, Cupcakes and Cookies were all coordinated in pink.
And we also celebrated Kowloon International School's 75th birthday. We made a GINORMOUS Antique Book cake and 1,200 cookies for this monumental birthday celebration.

The Cake was so huge I had to stand up on a step ladder to get this shot

Here are the favors we made for their celebration.

All 1,200 cookies packed and ready to go!

Now back to the Strawchskys':) The day after Mercedes' figurine class, Master Pastry Chef Alex taught his baking class. I was so blown away with what he taught I wish I signed up for the class too:)
The students learned the fundamentals of how to adjust any recipe to their personal taste. How to make different types of icings, tres leche cake,& caramel cake.

Simmering caramel in the making.

It was so cute, Alex waited for Mercedes to come out to help with pulling the Caramel as he said "she loves to pull the caramel"Awwwwwwwww:) LUV!!!

Mercedes sure does luv pulling that caramel! The cake was GORGE!!!!

This week, we have Mercedes handbag and shoe class, wedding cakes and Gum paste Flower Class. I can't wait to see all the goodies the students will be making.Keep y'all posted:)

Last but certainly not least, for all you Fabulous Mom's out there. We want to wish you a VERY HAPPY Belated Mother's Day:)