Friday, August 27, 2010

Great News!!!

We've had some press features in SCMP, Japanese Newspaper and other Chinese Newspaper.
We are so greatful for all the great news mentioned and we know it is truly not possible with out the support of our fans and loyal customers.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the articles as much as we did:)
Maggie from the Japanese Newpaper interviewed me for this special article.
This article featured our photo cakes, classes, specialty cakes and history of how we started.
If only I payed more attention in Japanese Class in high school I could tell you more.
But I do remember how to say this,
ARIGATO Maggie San! :)

Amy from SCMP wrote a wonderful article about the increasing trend of baking in Hong Kong.
And we were honored to be considered one of the premier baking supplies stores in Hong Kong.
Love the photo taken of one of our students finishing up her final cake.

Our Madame Tussaud's 10th birthday cake was such a hit it was featured in several Chinese newpapers. Sing Pao, WenWei Po, HK Commercial Press.

Last but not least, I never got a chance to share our FABULOUS popcorn cake video.
If you remember a couple of weeks ago I blogged about the cake but I never got a chance to
show you the best part, THE VIDEO!!!
Have a great weekend, Enjoy!:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Madame Tussaud's 10th Birthday

Its been a very eventful past week. Sorry for my absence, I'm still here just been involved with a lot of exciting things. I couldn't wait to share it with all of you:) We celebrated Madame Tussaud's 10th birthday a week ago. It was HUGE HIT!!! We had such a great time making this one of a kind cake.
The Cake was 4 1/2 foot tall surrounded with 100 star studded cupcakes.
We wanted to design a cake that represented Hong Kong,Hollywood, Movie Stars and Glamour. The first thing that came to my mind was that this cake had to be tall with many different tiers and some tilting and topped with a giant disco ball.
We started off the cake with a giant Hexagon 22"diameter chocolate cake.
Then after we covered all of our cakes with difference colored fondant.
We decorated and stacked them. One of my favourite features of the cake was how the movie reel was doing a balancing act.

Luv our disco ball too!!!!

We added Madame Tussaud's signature logo on the ball.

Here's our bottom tier as we were adding its final touches.

We delivered the cake and layed out all the cupcakes on location. Here is my favourite shot, I finally got a moment to sit back and capture the entire creation. As you can see, our cake was waiting backstage for its grand entrance. The humidity and hot weather made me a bit nervous, but nothing happened. Phew!!!!!

The cake was not made out of wax:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Popcorn Cake News!!!!

We've gotten a lot of raves about our popcorn cake since our post on Facebook.
I thought I'd tell you more about here with an added video footage.
We had the best time making this cake and was so happy to hear that the cake was well received.

Here's our Mountain top Pop corn.

You know you wanna eat some now!!!!

All the popcorn was made from Fondant and then brushed with color to make it look like butter.

We LUV Newman's Popcorn too!!!!

Of course we got a video too, and go get yourself some popcorn while you watch:)

Friday, August 13, 2010

3D Baby Luvin Cake!

Our 3D baby cake has been very popular lately so I thought I'd do a step by step feature of it. I LUV step by step photos. It allows me to show you the heart beat of the cake. FUN FUN FUN:)
With out further a due, here we go.
Here's choco baby filled with fresh cream

I slice and sculpt and sculpt until I see a perfect baby face.
Below photo is a perfect baby face.:)

Then I cover baby face with skin color fondant, added the button nose, smile and cute
baby blue outfit.

Gotta accessorize with a baby bib

Oh and of course ears

Cutie feet and toes dressed in his baby blue outfit

Chubby arms and hands. Oh and can't forget the star on the bottom of his feet.

And my favorite part, baby eyes and as requested, lotsa hair.

We then rolled up some fondant and cut out some twinkle stars

Bedazzled the cake board

Gave him his plush security blanket

And a lil pacifier to keep him quiet at the birthday party.

Isn't he soooooo cute.

had to show you his face again. UHdorable!!!!!


A perfect 100 Day birthday cake for baby Nate!!!!!
Have a wonderful Weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fantasy Garden Cake!!!!

We made this SUPER DOOPER cute garden cake for a whimsical birthday party.

My favorite part about this cake are the cute beez and lady bugs flying around the cake.

Photos are great but the video gave this cake justice.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Classes, Pinatas and Moving Updates

This week is just zipping by. We've started to reorganize our store to prepare for our move.
You may notice that our store will be looking a bit strange with cabinets and temporary walls in the classroom. We promise this is only temporary please bare with us as we prepare for our big move. We have to play musical cabinets and walls:)

Wires & Tables are not where they usually are but we find a way to move along:)
Oh, I almost forgot. We just got our new arrival of our festive pinatas. All brand new designs.
Super Giant Bull, Pretty Disney and 3D Thomas & More.

We have had a bunch of fantastic classes. I did a lil walk through our classroom and saw the fabulous cakes our Fondant and Gum Paste students were working on. I'm so blown away by their creativity.
Here's another shot of our evening Course 1 students just getting started on thier first day.

Thank you all for being patient with us as we prepare for our move:)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo cupcakes + DJ cake

Our week has been kicking off with a bang. We've been busily sorting our things preparing for our grand move. Time is just flying by and we are so excited for our new home.
I think these people on our photo cupcakes are just as excited:)
Awww aren't they so cute
Here are some of our choco rock cupcakes without rocks. We made a bunch of our yummo Choco rockless cupcakes for Joe Malone product launch in Lane Crawford.
The cupcakes were a huge hit!
Here is our latest super cool DJ Cake we made for a birthday star:)
We were over the moon when we received an email from the party organizer.
We loved that she printed it in Large blue font:)
" Hope all is well. Thanks for the DJ cake last week it was a big hit!"C.