Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Cupcakes!

Who said Turkey's weren't cute???? We've been busy with Thanksgiving festivities today. I couldn't resist and had to blog about our Turkey friends. We enjoyed making our turkey cupcakes so much that I thought I'd share with you how to do them yourself. Buttercream in these Colors: Red Red, Orange, Yellow, Black and Brown. Tips: 103,3,12 Go to Wilton for Buttercream recipe and coloring information

Step 1 FEATHER: Red Bag with tip#103: Go around cupcake with tip in a zig zag format. Moving wrist up & down.

Step 2 FEATHER: Orange Bag with tip#103: Go around cupcake with tip in a zig zag format. Moving wrist up & down.

Step 3 FEATHER: Yellow Bag with tip#103: same as step 1&2

Step 4 Body & Head: Tip #12 Light Brown icing. Pipe a straight thick line from bottom up. Pipe another large dot for head.

Step 5 BEEK: Orange bag Tip #3. Pipe a mountain in shape of upside down cone

Step 6 WATTLE: Red Bag Tip #3 Pipe 2 simple lines on sides of beak.
Side NOTE: Did you know that a turkeys wattle turns shades of red when in courtship. Awwwww Our cute turkeys are in LUUUUUUUUUUUUV:P

Step #7 Eyes: Buttercream bag Tip #3 Pipe dots for eyes

Step #8 Eye Balls: Black Bag Tip #3 Pipe smaller dots on the white dots

Step 9 FEET: Orange Bag Tip #3 Pipe out line in letter "W" on bottom of cupcake

TADAHHH!!! you got yourself a Turkey in LUV! Gobble Gobble Happy Thaksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Star Spangle Deelite!

Since our write up about our M1NT cupcake tower, our star spangle themed cakes and cupcake towers have been a huge hit. So I thought I'd share some other designs we have done with the same star spangle pizzaz.

Here is a Ratatouille topper cake we did for a 60th birthday party. The champagne and Ratatouille were all hand sculpted with fondant. The cake was accompanied with lil diva cupcakes in Vanilla & Choco cupcakes with alternating Buttercream.

For a true Aussie fan, we topped this cake with a variety of beverages and of coarse a true Aussie Fosters beer. We matched our cake with the same colors as the Australian flag.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holiday Cookie Bouquet Class

We could not wait to launch our New holiday decorating classes. Our very first Cookie Bouquet class started this week. Here are some shots from the class.
Pictures speak louder than words. So I'll keep it short sweet and simple today.
Enjoy the Show:)
Day 1: learning how to ice cookies perfectly.

Decorating and Writing

Day 2: Learing how to bake the perfect sugar cookie

Packing & arranging the sweet treats

VOILA!!!! can we say CA-----UTE!!!!!

Needless to say, we all had a jolly good time.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cake+Cupcake = FABULOUS!!!

We've been on a cake+cupcake kick. Its been so much fun decorating with this combo.
I know in the past I"ve shown a lot of our cupcake towers. I thought I'd show you some other cake + cupcake Combos we've come up with recently.
Here's a super fun one we did for a Hoops & YoYo fan.
This is what happens when Hoops&Yoyo meets Tiffany cake box and cupcakes????

Hoops & Yoyo + Tiffany Cake Box+Heart Throb Cupcakes

= Super Fun Hoops & Yoyo Celebration!

For Chloes' 3rd Birthday, we combined our spring bug cake surrounded with our adorable Spring Bug Jr. Cupcakes.
Spring Bug Cake
Jr. Spring Bug Cupcakes
= A Saaaaaaaaweet Spring Bug Celebration:)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting into Christmas Spirit!!!!

I know I know its been a while, but I have a perfect excuse and I know you're gonna like it:)
We've be busy getting into the holiday spirit and we're absolutely DEEEEEEEEEEEELITED about it:) We even started playing our holiday music in the store. To be honest, I could listen to Christmas music all year long but don't want to ruin it for some of you:)
Anyways, we've been designing some sweet gift ideas. I'm sure some of you noticed it on our website. Here are some close up shots of them.

We haven't posted this up on line as we just finished these adorable holiday photo cookies yesterday. I don't know whats cuter, the girl or the lollipop cookie???
I think they both look cutest together. :)
We've also been buzzing around here getting ready for our second Christmas shipment of goodies. They'll be out on the floor by Nov 21st next week Friday. Our ever so popular Gingerbread house kits will finally be available. I know a lot of you have been calling about them, so I thought I'd mention it to you here.

I"ve also been prepping for our brand new Holiday Cookie Bouquet class and Holiday Cupcakes class. If you like making gifts for your friends and family, these classes are made just for you.

I hope this brings you some Holiday Cheer!!!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Juicy Time!!!

We're so excited to launch our new flavor Juicy Raspberry.
I think some of you out there have been as well. Our order form said that this new flavor would be available from Nov-Dec and as soon as Nov.1 st came around, it was Juicy Time:) I was so excited that there were other cupcake fans out there that were just as excited as we were.

Juicy Raspberry may end up being a perma-flavor, as of now, it will be available from Nov - Dec.

Juicy Raspberry:
The name says it all! Vanilla cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting and swirled with home style raspberry preserves. For the ultimate Juicy experience, don't hold back just let the icing get all over your fingers.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday M1NT!!!!

Last night was M1NT's 2nd Birthday and we were very excited to be apart of their sparkling celebration. They requested for a Mintlicious Cupcake Tower.

We decorated 109 cupcakes decorated with their fabulous logo and accessorized with our Lil Diva silver balls. Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes were placed on alternating tiers.

As requested, we decorated their topper cake with stars and a yummy bottle of Krug champagne.
Happy M1NTlicious Birthday:)