Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year & Reindeer Cupcakes!

Hope you all had a splendid Christmas. 
I miss it already wish it was Christmas tomorrow. 
Well I"m having the Christmas blues and in our household, we actually enjoy Christmas treats till Jan 2nd:)
I"ve made these adorable Reindeer cupcakes and dressed them up so they'll fit right in for your
New Years Eve party:) 
Here's what you'll need:
Chocolate Buttercream
Piping gel : Red, White & Black
Gingerbread Boy Sprinkles

Step One: Smooth over your cupcake with chocolate buttercream
Step 2: Pipe on Rudolph's red nose with red piping gel.
Step 3: Pipe on Rudolph's eyes & smile with black piping gel

Step 4: Add on a lil twinkle on Rudolph's eyes and nose with white piping gel

Step 5: Gingerbread boy sprinkles make the perfect antlers. Simply turn them over and tah dah!!!
SOOOOO CUTE!!! Wait, we gotta dress Rudolph up for our New Years party!!!
Happy 2014 Wooo Hoooo! 
Look forward to seeing you all next year. 
Enjoy, be safe and party like is 2014!!!:)
ps: I personlized these toothpicks by simply printing out 2014 on paper and the gluing them onto toothpicks. 
Easy peezy!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to make Deelite Snowman Cupcake:)

So happy to be sharing a how to step by step with all of you. I know its been a while. 
A definite resolution for me next year. 
I want to share more decorating techniques with all of you through the blog so please do come back often to check it out:)
This snowman cupcake is bound to bring a lot of smiles. 
What we used:
Tips: #3,#2,#12
 Eyes, Cheeks, Smile : Tip #3 (Black, Orange Piping Gel) 
           Quick Method:Use Piping Gel tubes. Snip the tip and its ready to use. 
(CK or Wilton)
Snowman's Beanie Hat: Tip #12 Baby Blue Buttercream
Quick Method: Use CK Baby Blue Buttercream

Nose: Tip #3 orange Piping Gel
Quick method: use fabulous orange chocolate covered sunflower seeds:)
(Choco Rocks by Kimmie Candy)

White Buttercream: face   (CK Buttercream)
Spatula  (Wilton)

Step 1:Smooth over some white buttercream on your cupcake
Step 2:  #12 Tip Pipe Baby Blue icing on the top part of your cupcake making a shape of beanie hat
 Step 3: Smooth over with Spatula
 Step #4: Use  Tip #3 White Buttercream pipe out a zig zag design under the beanie
 Pipe on a lil ball on top of beanie
 Step 5:  Black Buttercream or Piping Gel tub pipe out eyes 
Trust me, its so much easier and saves you heaps of time with a Black piping gel tube.
 Step 6:  Pipe out Orange nose with #3 Tip or
use Orange Chocolate covered sunflower seeds as shown on first image. 
  Step 7:  Black Piping gel and pipe out his handsome smile
 Step 7: He looks so much cuter with cheeks, use pink piping gel to pipe in the cheeks. 
 Tah Dah!!! U did it:)
Now lets get this party started:)
 Happy Holidays:) 10 More days to go eeeeeek!!!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Deelite Christmas is here:)

We have been buzzing with Christmas Deelite here!!! Oh how much we look forward to this this of the year and savour every moment. If you think about it, we only have 30 days left to listen to Christmas music. Eeeeeek......
Have some of you received the good news???
Every year we have a Deelite Early Bird Special. It ends Nov 29th so you still have a few more days to enjoy this special discount!

Our holiday classes are in full swing:) Come and enjoy our fabulous Christmas classes. 
click here for class schedule.

Speaking of classes,  HKIBE is right around the corner. (dec 5-7th) We have invited  5 fabulous guest artists to join us at the expo.  We are all very excited about this:) Check out the class details on our website: HKIBE Deelite WORKSHOPS
We also got a fabulous mention in Apple Daily today:) I had a great time during the interview talking about Deelite, our classes, cake creations and our sugar arts zone at HKIBE.
Tah Dah:)
Thank you Apple Daily!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Superstar Athelete Cake!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a deelited week:)
We recently made an awesome cake for a very special birthday boy, we've named it "The Superstar Athlete Cake". The cake tells a story about all the hobbies he loves to do: skiing, golfing, surfing and playing tennis.
We all loved making this cake and it really took some team work to conceptualize this giant creation. 

I loved painting the background on the cake. Don't you feel like skiing now:) Brrrrrrr!
We were so happy to get a mention on Coco Lee's Weibo page. Thanks CoCo:)
and local newspaper:)
Check out the video, you have to see the figurines and everything else close up.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Designer Cupcake Class!

Hi hi everyone:) October is flying by and I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner!
Our deco team has been busy making all kinds of yummy Halloween treats. 
Luv these cookies!

Our We Luv workshops have been so much fun.
We've revamped our Classic Cake Technique Class. I taught the very first class this past weekend. 
The students learned how to bake,prep and fill their tall vanilla cake. 
Look at all these beauties:)

And then we spent the other half of the class learning how to decorate with ombre swirls

Happy Cake Happy Smiles:)
I also taught our ever so popular Designer Cupcake Class with these lovely ladies today:)
Decorating designer cupcakes is not an easy task, see how concentrated they are?
But let me tell you they completed all thier cupcakes with such finesse:) I was so proud of them.
Tah Dah......!
Also, for all our video fans out there, I havn't forgotten about you. We have recently updated our youtube channel ,added a few videos and new channel art on it, here's one of them featuring the gorgeous Lalaloopsy Cake (With a hidden surprise in it, remember to watch the whole video!). 

xoxo Have a Great Weekend:)