Monday, December 16, 2013

How to make Deelite Snowman Cupcake:)

So happy to be sharing a how to step by step with all of you. I know its been a while. 
A definite resolution for me next year. 
I want to share more decorating techniques with all of you through the blog so please do come back often to check it out:)
This snowman cupcake is bound to bring a lot of smiles. 
What we used:
Tips: #3,#2,#12
 Eyes, Cheeks, Smile : Tip #3 (Black, Orange Piping Gel) 
           Quick Method:Use Piping Gel tubes. Snip the tip and its ready to use. 
(CK or Wilton)
Snowman's Beanie Hat: Tip #12 Baby Blue Buttercream
Quick Method: Use CK Baby Blue Buttercream

Nose: Tip #3 orange Piping Gel
Quick method: use fabulous orange chocolate covered sunflower seeds:)
(Choco Rocks by Kimmie Candy)

White Buttercream: face   (CK Buttercream)
Spatula  (Wilton)

Step 1:Smooth over some white buttercream on your cupcake
Step 2:  #12 Tip Pipe Baby Blue icing on the top part of your cupcake making a shape of beanie hat
 Step 3: Smooth over with Spatula
 Step #4: Use  Tip #3 White Buttercream pipe out a zig zag design under the beanie
 Pipe on a lil ball on top of beanie
 Step 5:  Black Buttercream or Piping Gel tub pipe out eyes 
Trust me, its so much easier and saves you heaps of time with a Black piping gel tube.
 Step 6:  Pipe out Orange nose with #3 Tip or
use Orange Chocolate covered sunflower seeds as shown on first image. 
  Step 7:  Black Piping gel and pipe out his handsome smile
 Step 7: He looks so much cuter with cheeks, use pink piping gel to pipe in the cheeks. 
 Tah Dah!!! U did it:)
Now lets get this party started:)
 Happy Holidays:) 10 More days to go eeeeeek!!!!!