Friday, April 30, 2010

Hawaiian Turtle Cake!

We got a call from Japan asking us to do a surprise Hawaiian Turtle cake for her boyfriend.
Firstly, before we go any further. My middle name is Hawaiian Turtle....ok not really but HELLO its my absolute fave sea creature. The way they are so chill, so gentle, just watch Finding Nemo and you'll love them even more:) "Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude"!!!!
Ok back to our cakes...:) 
You can imagine how excited I was when we were asked to design a Hawaiian theme cake with a Hawaiian sea turtle on top.
Here's our birthday turtle basking in the sun and frolicking in the soft sweet sand:)
We scattered the cake with colorful Hawaiian flowers and a coconut tree.

Have a great weekend:)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Luv Weddings!!!

We've had the privilege of being apart of some very special weddings. We Luv doing wedding cakes. I think its the feeling we get when we decorate the cakes.
The Romance, Love Stories, Flowers, Unforgettable moments, The DRESS and YES, Of Course THE CAKE:)
Many of our cake designs have been new ideas inspired by the bride and also our previous cake designs we've done. Here's one that was inspired by Malia cake which was a 3 tier cake draped with orchids.
This bride opted for white gum paste roses to match her setting.
 I always imagine the cake cutting photo when we add the finishing touches to our cake. The moment when the couple looks at each other when they feed each other the first slice of cake. Or the moment they smother it on each others face:) Remember or blog post from our double happiness cake. It's still one of our fave deelite photos emailed to us from the bride and groom.
Whatever color scheme, white, pink, black, purple, autumn orange. Wedding cakes always makes me smile.
Here is a 3 tier cherry blossom cake we did recently. The wedding was at the Four Seasons hotel.
The bride wanted her cake to be draped with luscious cherry blossoms.
Here is an elegant classic white wedding cake ordered from a friend to the bride from Shanghai, who happens to be a very qualified pastry chef herself.
The wedding was at the Aberdeen Marina Club.
Each tier was as different flavor. On top of the cake are Fresh white roses.
We got a very special message from this special friend of the bride today.
"just a quick note of thanks, I cant tell you how nervous I was about the cake for obvious reasons, but the cake was wonderful and more importantly tasted fantastic , I managed to try both the lemon and carrot cake, both were excellent

So please inform your team as sometimes these things are left unsaid but they should be congratulated , Kind Regards L.C.- Shanghai"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Revolving Horse Racing Cake!!!

Here is a fun race horse cake we did for a super surprise birthday celebration.
The best part is, the cake is revolving with the jockey on top.
Oh wait...there's actually  a feature that is the  ultimate "icing" on the cake.
Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.
Happy weekend!!! Giddy-Yup:)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

air new zealand corporate event

We had heaps of fun hangin with Air New Zealand  and their VIP members  making cupcakes.
We also make some fun favors for their guests to take home.
We event got into the New Zealand mood and made them our Lemonlicious cupcake with super yummy New Zealand Manuka honey lemon glaze. And just in case you're wondering who that bird is licking up all that yummo icing, its the New Zealand's national bird, Kiwi bird.
We also dressed up our Red Velvet cupcakes with their signature logo and Green sprinkles to match.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Lost Cake Videos!!!!

Its been an adventurous past week. Amidst all our cake projects, classes, parties we were able to find 2 of our long lost videos. We searched high an low for our video treasures. I thought it was a closed case and I would never see them again. Annnnd one miraculous day they just appeared. Lets just blame it on the computer:) Do you ever have fights with your computer?? I do, and when I get grumpy at my computer, it hides my videos so I can be nice to it again. Needless to say, my computer and I are in good terms now and I'm soooooooo happy to have my videos back.
I would like to dedicate these 2 videos to our You Tube fans:)
We've been getting lots of encouraging comments and support from all over the world. It really gets us all very excited when we work on our videos. We're very Happy to hear that our videos have been a huge hit and hope to get better and better at it too.

Comment on our Star Wars Trooper Cake
"Hi, Showed your video to my 4 year old son (it's his 5th Birthday in 2 weeks) and he loved it!  However, big mistake, he now thinks mummy can make one too!!! Bit advanced for me, so might start with Mario Bros.... LOL from Isle of Man x 1 month ago"

Comment on our first ever DIY cake pop video
"Really liked that you kept it informative, didn't waffle (loved the speeded up section!) and you sounded really enthusiastic. Hope you do some more! Am going to try the recipe. Greetings from the Isle of Man."

Comment on our Lucas Tse Cars Cake
"love ur music n the car thank you"

Comment on our Dolce Vita TV Show Video
cool tv program .... really want to go to one of your class one day ... went there for a couples of times to buy cake stuff ... and met u one time at starbucks central :p

Happy Monday! Happy Computer Happy Vidoes:)

Friday, April 9, 2010

bags bags and more bags

Bags and makeup are a girls best friend:)
We've been on a handbag kick lately. These cakes prove that no matter what age you are, handbags are always a fab way to celebrate your birthday.
We made this lucious pink eye shadow to go with Nicoles 7th birthday cake.

On top of her cake was a trendy #7 purse and heart spangles.
We stacked and spalshed a bunch of other tweens make-up necessities.
Put a little topsy turvy pizzaz on her 2 tier cake and you got a dream girly girl birthday cake:)

Here's a close up of her blush and nail polish for a fashionista's birthday bash

We also sculpted her personal water bottle. I was told that she always has bottle water in her purse.

Luv:) Fashionista must haves in her designer bag.

We made a cool juicy bag for a teen birthday star.

Tah Dah. No teen travels without her ipod.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

School Rocks!

We had a great time hanging out with freshman's and seniors from Island school and HKIS.
Both schools spent 2 days with us decorating fab cakes and cupcakes.

First day was spent learning about buttercream and decorating techniques using buttercream.


Second day was all about fondant.

fondant techniques on cupcakes
And their final project, on cakes.
There was MAYYYYYJAH creativity. From super mario brothers, dragon flies, to simple ribbons. All their final cakes were Saaaaaaaweeeet!!!

School Rocks!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Corporate Cupcake towers

We were apart of Amundi's and HSBC's corporate parties. We made them their very own personalized cupcake towers. Though they both wanted Cupcake Towers, no 2 styles were the same.
For Amundi, we made a very clean looking design with their logo. As requested they wanted a very clean cut cake with the logos being the focus. So here's what we came up with.
They also asked for a 3D standing up version of their logo
And mini cupcakes with their logo on top. Yummers
For HSBC, they wanted a super festive and cake with stars and a celebration champagne bottle on top.

We made standard sized cupcakes with a 2 tone swirl, and their logo on top

With Cupcake towers the possibilities are endless.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 tier pillow cake

Happy Easter everyone. Its been a week full of surprises.
We did a surprise cake for a very special birthday girl.
As requested by her special friends, we stacked 2 giant pillows on top of each other

And then added our fabulous designer celebration box


And we got a video. The best part is, you can see how sparkly the cake was:)