Monday, April 19, 2010

Long Lost Cake Videos!!!!

Its been an adventurous past week. Amidst all our cake projects, classes, parties we were able to find 2 of our long lost videos. We searched high an low for our video treasures. I thought it was a closed case and I would never see them again. Annnnd one miraculous day they just appeared. Lets just blame it on the computer:) Do you ever have fights with your computer?? I do, and when I get grumpy at my computer, it hides my videos so I can be nice to it again. Needless to say, my computer and I are in good terms now and I'm soooooooo happy to have my videos back.
I would like to dedicate these 2 videos to our You Tube fans:)
We've been getting lots of encouraging comments and support from all over the world. It really gets us all very excited when we work on our videos. We're very Happy to hear that our videos have been a huge hit and hope to get better and better at it too.

Comment on our Star Wars Trooper Cake
"Hi, Showed your video to my 4 year old son (it's his 5th Birthday in 2 weeks) and he loved it!  However, big mistake, he now thinks mummy can make one too!!! Bit advanced for me, so might start with Mario Bros.... LOL from Isle of Man x 1 month ago"

Comment on our first ever DIY cake pop video
"Really liked that you kept it informative, didn't waffle (loved the speeded up section!) and you sounded really enthusiastic. Hope you do some more! Am going to try the recipe. Greetings from the Isle of Man."

Comment on our Lucas Tse Cars Cake
"love ur music n the car thank you"

Comment on our Dolce Vita TV Show Video
cool tv program .... really want to go to one of your class one day ... went there for a couples of times to buy cake stuff ... and met u one time at starbucks central :p

Happy Monday! Happy Computer Happy Vidoes:)