Monday, September 28, 2009

Animal Print cakes and More!

We got a cake request this past weekend to do a log cake with the lumber jack saw cutting through it. I was very tickled by the request, and wanted to know what this cake was all about. Well,,,,did you know that in German tradition for weddings, the couple saws through a huge Log. Don't believe me, look at this photo. I googled it and sure enough, I "saw" some great photos of couples joyfully sawing their way through a log. Here is one of my fave photos.
The bride has some impressive biceps:)

Anyways, back to cakes. We did a cake version for this German tradition.

Here's a close up of the saw. The cake was a moist chocolate cake filled with fresh cream. If by chance you are more keen on eating the saw, you can do that too as the entire thing is edible.

We also did a shoe themed photo cake for a 40th birthday girl. I hand sculpted this shoe then Fabbed it out with leopard print and gold studs as animal prints are a must have of the season.

I couldn't stop with the leopard print with just the shoe. So I made cheetah print ribbon and bow to match. Can we say Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr8!

And for a 12th birthday, we made a zebra printed heart shaped birthday cake for Rhona.

See I told you animal prints are a must have of the season.

And last but certainly not least, here is an orchid/violet color themed cupcake tower we made for a special wedding occasion.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Action Packed with Cakes Cupcakes and More!

Its been an action packed birthday week.
It feels good being 5 years YOUNG:)
I think these cupcakes say it best....Birthdays are just so much FUN!!!!

Here is one of my favourite cakes I love to decorate.
I LUV decorating simple cakes with buttercream flowers.
Its like painting, but better cuz the paint is edible.
This shot of me is hilarious, can we say buttercream smile:)

Nothing like a splash of leaves to give the cake the Umph factor.

Tah Dah...... Its not OUTRAGEOUSLY unusual, nor has it never been done before,
BUUUUUUT doesn't it just make you smile:)

More Saaaaweeeet goodies to share. i know I"m on a roll today.
Can't you tell I"m one excited birthday girl.
I realized I never shared about our FABULOUS cake fillings and flavors.
Here is some Lemon Curd I made for our Lemon Kiss cake.

At this point, its almost ready. Just a bit more.With lemon curd, you can never rush it. You stir and stir and stir and most importantly keep a steady heat NEVER BOIL and then suddenly.....

Voila, it is thickened to perfection!

And then of course just to make sure it was perfect, I made myself a lil snack:)
My personalize lil lemon kiss cake. Yummy!

And From Lemon Kisses to Princess and Tranformers.
What ties them all together is sugar luv, fabulous celebrations and so many deeeeelitful memories!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday with Candy, Cupcakes and phones

We had a very productive day today. Our day started off with some visitors from the phone company. We are upgrading our phone lines. I know what you all are thinking, FINALLY!!! I feel the same too. Its been a long process to get it done. Very soon, we'll have more available lines for you to call. You will still be calling the same number 3167-7022 just less busy signals:) YIPPEEEEE!!!!! as it will be passed onto other open lines.
The extra phone lines will be up and running sometime mid-day tomorrow so hopefully without glitches it will be a smooth switch over to more advanced technology:). you're probably thinking, HELLO, this is not advanced technology.
But for us its a step into a new level of telephone technology:)
We've been using our one line for the past 5 years and we thought it was due time that we join the rest of the world in using hunting phone line.
Thank you all for being patient with us.
Just in case our line some how gets disconnected during line fix you may email us or
fax us 3167-7021.
Fingers crossed, you won't have to do that.
After our adventure with our phone guys,
I made our new Halloween cupcake designs. They are FAB and I can't wait to show you. I'll show them off soon. Before I do that, I wanted to show you some photos from our second session of our We Luv Candy Workshop. We all had a blast.

Here are some of their candy creations up close on cupcakes. Aren't the colors just gorgeous!

And as promised, here are our Mid-Autumn Festival Cupcakes.

I told ya they are so cute together:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mid-Autumn News!

Its been one fun and exciting weekend. Before I show y'all our weekend goodies I so NEEEEEEEEEEEED to show you one of our mid-autumn festival cupcake designs. Its been on my mind to blog about this since early last week. But I got a lil too excited about our candy class and also our Choco-Rocks cupcakes so these poor ADORABLE cupcakes were pushed aside:( sorry guys. Here goes...TAH DAH!
We sculpted lil lanterns and bedazzled our yum yum cupcakes

Everytime when Mid-Autumn festival comes around, I always think of all the beautiful laterns displayed on the streets.

You're probably surprised why I didin't make a pink one. Actually, I did. It was one of my firsts ones I made. But my BIGGEST pet peeve happened. My camera ran outta bats. GASP! I know, can we say lame.
I was totally in my photo taking moment and was just about to line up all my colored laterns when I pressed the button of my camera and I got totally denied by my Canon:( I"m not blaming my Canon as she has been such a faithful buddy. I just haven't been taking care of it as well as I should.
I tell you, our lantern cupcakes absolutely GORGEOUS when they are all lined up.
I also made another design. I guess y'all have something to look forward to on Monday.
I'll post them all up on Monday.
Another thing to look forward to is our Grand 5th Birthday week. Its this coming week. We are selling our Everyday Cupcake flavors at standard prices!!!!
If you're not that excited about it, let me write it to you in print.
This means all of of our specialty flavor cupcakes
Mint Baby, Choco-Fluff, Lemonlicious, Choco-Rocks, Juicy Raspberry, Carrot Deelite,
Black & White are only $16 each or $180 a dozen from this coming Monday 21st -Friday 25th.

Can I hear a HEY- HO- HEY --HO,.... thats rights put your hands up in the air......ok I"ll stop there. You feeling my excitment now:)

Lastly, I wanted to mention that last week there was an article in SCMP in regards to our building being torn down for refurbishment. This is not happening immediately, so not to worry we're still open. We haven't moved anywhere and we won't suddenly disappear.
I want to thank you all for your calls and asking us if we are still open and if we are moving soon etc..... As of now, we are not moving. And when we do, believe me we are gonna mention it to you way in advance. And blog all about it as it will be a very exciting season for us:)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Luv Candy Workshop!

Today we had our first ever We Luv Candy workshop of the year.
And it was choco full of fun!!!
I really enjoyed teaching this class. It was great meeting with some of our students who have taken Course 1-3 with us before.
You may even recognize some of these ladies from my previous post.

The candy workshop is 2 days and today was the first day. We focused on fundamentals of working with candy melts and making lollipops.

Here are the students working on there lollipop molds after learning some great candy saving tips that give that Oooooh La La faboooo smooth finish.

No I'm not sneaking a taste from my students work, I'm checking her lollipops:)

Candy Melt War Zone.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Choco Rocks!!!

I know y'all know Choco-ROCKS, but seriously, CHOCO-ROCKS!!!! and I gota chance to FINALLY make my new cupcake flavor.
I'm sure like many of you, I have a loooooooooooooooooooong list of ideas I write down thinking I can get to it right away.....well, not quite. This list grows and grows and sometimes collects dust left behind BUT NEVER forgotten. Every so often I have that GOLDEN opportunity to check off my list and create something over the moon BANANAZZZ!
Today was my lets do something on my list day.
And SOMETHING i did and I know ya'll are gonna LUVVVVVV it.
I baked our brand new cupcake flavor......
do you even have to guess the name

I baked a super fluffy, smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate cupcake. Can I get a witness, Look at the fluffiness of the choco cake, You can always tell by what I call the "Fluff pockets" in the cake. There are like GAZILLION fluff pockets in this choco cupcake.

and then, I topped it with a whopping mound of light creamy, fluffy, melt in your mouth Italian cream cheese frosting. At this point, pictures speak louder than words.
Wipe your drool:)

And THEEEEEEEEN, I topped it off with miniature malt teaser chocolate bites.
Yup, you feeling my Rocking Vibe now.
So after gobbling and "testing" a couple of my choco-rocks cupcakes, I got a few people to try and all they could say was This CHOCO ROCKS!!!!!And TAH DAH..... thats how I got the new name for our BRAND NEW CUPCAKE.

Its now available, so come on in and get your Rock ON with Choco-Rocks!
Speaking of Rocks, we made this FABOO sparkly diamond ring cake.

Resting on top of this soft fondant tissue is a SPRARKLY diamond Ring.

I tried real hard to photograph the glitter on the diamond, this was the best I could do. Trust me, the diamond was blinging out of our store.
I"d also like to add that the diamond crystal was made out of chocolate cake. Present box was Banana.

Have a Rockin week!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Exciting Week!!!

It's been a very exciting week. Here are some highlights.
Here's a photo of Julie's graduating Course 1 class.Don't they look fabulous!

Congrats ladies!

We made some graduation cookies for a belated graduation ceremony.

As promised, we got our Halloween stuff out! We managed to get everything out by mid day today. Wooofff!!!! it was a work out, but we were so excited to get it done.

Lastly, here are some butterflies I made to prep for my We Luv Candy Workshop.
I'll be teaching next week 16th and 17th.
Yes, the butterflies are made from chocolate candy melts.
Thier easy to make, great to add an extra Umph factor to your cakes and real yummy too.

This was a specially scheduled class, so its not listed on our website schedule.
If you're interested to join my class, call and request for We Luv Candy Workshop by Jacinta.
2 Day Workshop
Times: Sept 16 Wed. 4-6
Sept 17 Thurs 1-3

Have a Grrrrrrrrr8 weekend!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giant Roses and Halloween Stuff!

I know I know, roses and Halloween is not your usual mix of topics. But both were such highlights today I couldn't just blog about one and not the other.
We made some gorgeous and to die for Giant roses today.When we get real excited about something pink and pretty, we usually don't scream "to die for". We simply say BANANAZZZZ.
So theres LUV, Eeeek , Fabooo and now BANANAZ which is like a whole other level.
Look at our giant roses and you'll know what I mean...
The Giant Rose size ranges from 3"-4"

I know.... BANANAZ:)
I got so excited over our roses, I dropped one of our beauties:(
Boooo Hoooo! For those of you who know how much effort is put into each petal, you're feeling my pain. Anyways, I had to show yáll a close up of our injured rose.

And if you ever wanna learn how to make these roses that make you wanna say BANANAZ, you can learn it in our Advanced We LUV GUMPASTE FLOWERS workshop. Before signing up, make sure you have graduated from Course 1,2,& 3.
More good news,
Here's a sneak peak of our Halloween products that just arrived.
Hold your horses.Before you rush to the store, all the goods are still in boxes. It'll all be up by Friday:)
Happy Mid-Week!