Thursday, September 24, 2009

Action Packed with Cakes Cupcakes and More!

Its been an action packed birthday week.
It feels good being 5 years YOUNG:)
I think these cupcakes say it best....Birthdays are just so much FUN!!!!

Here is one of my favourite cakes I love to decorate.
I LUV decorating simple cakes with buttercream flowers.
Its like painting, but better cuz the paint is edible.
This shot of me is hilarious, can we say buttercream smile:)

Nothing like a splash of leaves to give the cake the Umph factor.

Tah Dah...... Its not OUTRAGEOUSLY unusual, nor has it never been done before,
BUUUUUUT doesn't it just make you smile:)

More Saaaaweeeet goodies to share. i know I"m on a roll today.
Can't you tell I"m one excited birthday girl.
I realized I never shared about our FABULOUS cake fillings and flavors.
Here is some Lemon Curd I made for our Lemon Kiss cake.

At this point, its almost ready. Just a bit more.With lemon curd, you can never rush it. You stir and stir and stir and most importantly keep a steady heat NEVER BOIL and then suddenly.....

Voila, it is thickened to perfection!

And then of course just to make sure it was perfect, I made myself a lil snack:)
My personalize lil lemon kiss cake. Yummy!

And From Lemon Kisses to Princess and Tranformers.
What ties them all together is sugar luv, fabulous celebrations and so many deeeeelitful memories!!!