Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Monday with Candy, Cupcakes and phones

We had a very productive day today. Our day started off with some visitors from the phone company. We are upgrading our phone lines. I know what you all are thinking, FINALLY!!! I feel the same too. Its been a long process to get it done. Very soon, we'll have more available lines for you to call. You will still be calling the same number 3167-7022 just less busy signals:) YIPPEEEEE!!!!! as it will be passed onto other open lines.
The extra phone lines will be up and running sometime mid-day tomorrow so hopefully without glitches it will be a smooth switch over to more advanced technology:). you're probably thinking, HELLO, this is not advanced technology.
But for us its a step into a new level of telephone technology:)
We've been using our one line for the past 5 years and we thought it was due time that we join the rest of the world in using hunting phone line.
Thank you all for being patient with us.
Just in case our line some how gets disconnected during line fix you may email us or
fax us 3167-7021.
Fingers crossed, you won't have to do that.
After our adventure with our phone guys,
I made our new Halloween cupcake designs. They are FAB and I can't wait to show you. I'll show them off soon. Before I do that, I wanted to show you some photos from our second session of our We Luv Candy Workshop. We all had a blast.

Here are some of their candy creations up close on cupcakes. Aren't the colors just gorgeous!

And as promised, here are our Mid-Autumn Festival Cupcakes.

I told ya they are so cute together:)