Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Giant Roses and Halloween Stuff!

I know I know, roses and Halloween is not your usual mix of topics. But both were such highlights today I couldn't just blog about one and not the other.
We made some gorgeous and to die for Giant roses today.When we get real excited about something pink and pretty, we usually don't scream "to die for". We simply say BANANAZZZZ.
So theres LUV, Eeeek , Fabooo and now BANANAZ which is like a whole other level.
Look at our giant roses and you'll know what I mean...
The Giant Rose size ranges from 3"-4"

I know.... BANANAZ:)
I got so excited over our roses, I dropped one of our beauties:(
Boooo Hoooo! For those of you who know how much effort is put into each petal, you're feeling my pain. Anyways, I had to show yáll a close up of our injured rose.

And if you ever wanna learn how to make these roses that make you wanna say BANANAZ, you can learn it in our Advanced We LUV GUMPASTE FLOWERS workshop. Before signing up, make sure you have graduated from Course 1,2,& 3.
More good news,
Here's a sneak peak of our Halloween products that just arrived.
Hold your horses.Before you rush to the store, all the goods are still in boxes. It'll all be up by Friday:)
Happy Mid-Week!