Monday, September 14, 2009

Choco Rocks!!!

I know y'all know Choco-ROCKS, but seriously, CHOCO-ROCKS!!!! and I gota chance to FINALLY make my new cupcake flavor.
I'm sure like many of you, I have a loooooooooooooooooooong list of ideas I write down thinking I can get to it right away.....well, not quite. This list grows and grows and sometimes collects dust left behind BUT NEVER forgotten. Every so often I have that GOLDEN opportunity to check off my list and create something over the moon BANANAZZZ!
Today was my lets do something on my list day.
And SOMETHING i did and I know ya'll are gonna LUVVVVVV it.
I baked our brand new cupcake flavor......
do you even have to guess the name

I baked a super fluffy, smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate cupcake. Can I get a witness, Look at the fluffiness of the choco cake, You can always tell by what I call the "Fluff pockets" in the cake. There are like GAZILLION fluff pockets in this choco cupcake.

and then, I topped it with a whopping mound of light creamy, fluffy, melt in your mouth Italian cream cheese frosting. At this point, pictures speak louder than words.
Wipe your drool:)

And THEEEEEEEEN, I topped it off with miniature malt teaser chocolate bites.
Yup, you feeling my Rocking Vibe now.
So after gobbling and "testing" a couple of my choco-rocks cupcakes, I got a few people to try and all they could say was This CHOCO ROCKS!!!!!And TAH DAH..... thats how I got the new name for our BRAND NEW CUPCAKE.

Its now available, so come on in and get your Rock ON with Choco-Rocks!
Speaking of Rocks, we made this FABOO sparkly diamond ring cake.

Resting on top of this soft fondant tissue is a SPRARKLY diamond Ring.

I tried real hard to photograph the glitter on the diamond, this was the best I could do. Trust me, the diamond was blinging out of our store.
I"d also like to add that the diamond crystal was made out of chocolate cake. Present box was Banana.

Have a Rockin week!