Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall is here:)

Hope you all had a lovely Summer. We spent our summer prepping our our 10th Anniversary.
Yup we are 10 and it sure is hard to believe how fast time has flown.
Oh the many stories I could share, they are endless. All the stories truly make us who we are today.
On my next post, I'll post some blast from the past photos.
I just need a lil more time to get them all together:)

We made a sweet birthday cake for Natalie featuring 2 of her favorite things: Bunnies and rainbows.
Rainbows are also Max's fave thing too. We highlighted this 3 tier cake with under the sea creatures.
For a memorable 60th birthday, we designed a cake for this daddy he sure will enjoy. As you can guess, his hobbies were horse racing and golf. 
Luv the details on the horse.

And for all our cupcake fans out there, we now offer mini cupcakes everyday at our cupcake counter. Wooohooo more to enjoy and trust me, one is never enough:)