Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A-B-C as easy as......

ONE........................... TWO
Come on now you know you wanna sing along.
A-B-C as easy as 1-2-3! Don't you feel so much better now:)No matter how old you are, if you're reading this blog I know you all have a bit of "kid" in you:)
Since we're on the topic of numbers, here's a #5 cupcake cake make with 5 dozen of our Yummo chocolate cupcakes. Can you see the cupcakes?????

Here's a close up ....

And this has nothing to do with numbers, but since its sparkly and pink, I had to show you this Glitterama Princess castle we made for Amy's 6th Birthday at the Conrad Hotel.

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Match!!!

We've had a wave of all kinds of figurine requests for all types of cakes. Its really fun doing them b/c we usually get into an animated story with our figurines:) Our event this weekend was our BIG match with Sylvester Stalone:)
Yes, didn't you hear about it on ESPN????? It was the Deelite match of the year,
Rocky vs Ding Dong.
We were all rooting for Ding Dong and of course Rocky was no match for our Ding Dong. Here is a shot of the exciting match:)
We decorated this surprise cake for a Boxing Sifu (instructor). The special request of having Ding Dong in the boxing ring was brilliant. I had a blast creating this unforgettable birthday cake.
The cake flavor was Vanilla Sponge filled with mixed fruit filling
And Ding Dong had some other Sesame street fans rooting for him too. Big Bird was cheering for him.

We created this super dooper whimsical sesame street & friends themed cake for Reyna's 1st birthday. Each tier of cake was a different flavor. Top tier Chestnut, Middle: Strawberries and Cream and Bottom Chocolate with Chocolate Mouse.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rainbow Surprise!

This week has been full of rainbow surprises and fun. We've just completed our We Luv Cupcake workshop. Here are some shots of our class creations and students. Recognize our friendly pirate:)

I had the joy of meeting Pheobe and buddy who came after school to pick up their surprise cake for their Dad's 59th birthday. I was so impressed by their initiative in taking care of their dad's cake. They emailed us and planned out the special design and ordered the cake. Then they came straight after school to pick up their sweet surprise.

They wanted the text " Happy 59th Birthday Daddy!" on Rainbow Bright cupcakes. How Sweet:)

Our shoppers come in all ages and sizes:) Here is our lil Baby Deelite shopping for his next birthday!:)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cupcake Geek!

As we were looking at some of our cupcake photos today and brainstorming designs for upcoming orders, I suddenly got a wave of ideas; new flavors, designs, workshops and couldn't contain myself. So I started randomly shooting out ideas with Ella one of our sweet cupcake assistance. When I finally stopped blabbing about cupcakes, she turned to me and said "ur such a cupcake geek" I looked at her and was like I LUV my new name.
So Cupcake Geek I am & truly honored to be:)
Thanx Ella and ur our cupcake geek jr:)
Here are some of our latest cupcake creations. Enjoy!
We decorated a mix of Vanilla & Lemon with pretty fondant flowers for Rebecca's 6th Birthday.

For a pirate & princess party, we transformed our chocolate cupcakes into friendly pirates and pretty in pink princess tiara's.

These adorable chocolate heart logo cupcakes were delivered to Canadian International School for an early morning Parents & Teachers meeting. Here's a message from our happy cupcake fan:)
"The cupcakes looked amazing and people just LOVED them! Cheers, Renate"

Yours Truly,
Cupcake Geek %)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheery Monday!

We had a super cheery Monday today. A few of our courses started today and we got to meet some very enthusiastic students. We all get very cheery here when we meet with new students who are psyched to learn how to decorate. We love to meet people who share the same passion and are just as excited to share the good news of cake decorating.:)

Here is a photo of Lana,Cindie,Momi & Helen who scheduled a private Course 1 class with me before Christmas. We will be starting our Course 2 private class next week. Its gonna be another fun time with them and I"ll keep y'all posted on their Course 2 creations:)

Here are some of our other cheery students:)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Luv Luv Luv!

We've been busy with Valentines themed cakes/cupcakes this week.
Here are some goodies that we've done so far:

I think our smoochable lips are giving Angelina Jolie's lips a bit of competition:)

We decorated this pretty in pink birthday cake for Lauren's 21st birthday at the Dragon-I
We are HUGE fans of pink roses so when she said she was a pink rose kinda girl we knew exactly what to do.
Last but not least, we decorated this super in LUV cupcake tower for Stepanie's wedding. We were so happy to hear that she loved her cupcake tower as much as we did:)
"Dear Jacinta, Just can't wait to send you an email, thank you so much for the beautiful cake! Everyone was suprised and i got lots of compliments, thank you so much! CheersStephanie"

Happy LUV LUV LUV day:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Here is the friendliest tiger in all of cake world:) We had so much fun doing this cake we actually had a hard time parting with our new friend ":) We even gave him a name, lil Grrrrr:)
Since we're on the topic of animals we hand sculpted this jumbo elephant. You can already guess who's wearing the pants in this friendship :) Our lil mousekateer
For a 30th birthday celebration. We decorated this cake with all of the the essentials businessmen cannot live without. A Blackberry, champagne and his PINK Hermes tie.
This cake I would say is one of our more memorable and unique requests. We were asked to sculpt a Torso for this special birthday boy. When I first got the request, I said that we are strictly a RATED G cake decorating company. And rated G it was as all the customer wanted was a TORSO. Why, i have no idea...but torso they wanted and a torso we did.
With a few cake implants I was able to give him a super 6 pack:)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Don't worry, I"m not turning into a "Gossip Girl" for those of you who are fans of that show would get what I mean:)
We've fallen in LUV with our cupcakes this week. We just finalized our final cupcake design Smooch and I had heaps of fun taking photos of our lovey dovey cupcakes
It seems like all the love birds oversees have been on XOXO mode as well as we've been receiving oversees calls for our Valentine Gifts!
AND........ we just launch our Valentines Cupcake By Design Workshop. If you got time to join and make your very own Lovey Dovey gift come and join the class.
♥FEB 12th Valentine's Cupcake By Design 2-4pm
♥FEB 13th Valentine's Cupcake By Design 7-9pm
You'll learn how to do Sweet Heart, Heart Throb, Love Bug and more!!!

The best part of our lil Valentines photo shoot project was eating all the samples! Yummo Red Velvet:) Heres a shot of my almost finished Smooch Red Velvet. Yes, I'm guilty of having 2 as you can see the the other wrapper on the plate.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

HEllo Hello

Our week is off to a great start after a fabulous Chinese New Year. Our store has been PACKED with our new Party Supplies, Valentines and Balloon products. We're constantly putting our heads together to think of new ways to make MORE SPACE. Some how it all works out. We may have to put up hanging racks in our building lifts soon:) As we slowly get our stock organized, please excuse the mess. I promise it will look better by next week.
Aside from our creative unpacking, our cake department has been doing some fun projects as well. Here is one of our favourite picks. Bert's Burger. Isn't that a great name for a burger joint:) catchy right??? Anyways, here is Burt's "REAL" burger.

As mentioned before, we were on Dolce Vita about 3 weeks ago. If you didn't get a chance to see it, here are a few shots a friend snapped for me on their tele.

They featured over 15 of our creations

Here I am going introducing the hosts some essential cake decorating tools. I was so nervous in the beginning I think I could have melted the buttercream in my piping bags. But as I got to chat with the hosts a bit more in between takes, my nerves started to settle. Here I am demonstrating the buttercream rose.

I know the TV version is 10 times better. I'll be getting a copy of the segment soon and will upload the video as soon as I get it.