Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Match!!!

We've had a wave of all kinds of figurine requests for all types of cakes. Its really fun doing them b/c we usually get into an animated story with our figurines:) Our event this weekend was our BIG match with Sylvester Stalone:)
Yes, didn't you hear about it on ESPN????? It was the Deelite match of the year,
Rocky vs Ding Dong.
We were all rooting for Ding Dong and of course Rocky was no match for our Ding Dong. Here is a shot of the exciting match:)
We decorated this surprise cake for a Boxing Sifu (instructor). The special request of having Ding Dong in the boxing ring was brilliant. I had a blast creating this unforgettable birthday cake.
The cake flavor was Vanilla Sponge filled with mixed fruit filling
And Ding Dong had some other Sesame street fans rooting for him too. Big Bird was cheering for him.

We created this super dooper whimsical sesame street & friends themed cake for Reyna's 1st birthday. Each tier of cake was a different flavor. Top tier Chestnut, Middle: Strawberries and Cream and Bottom Chocolate with Chocolate Mouse.