Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Pink Dinosaur Birthday Party!!!!

I celebrated my birthday this past w-end.
My original idea was just to have a casual bowling party.
The Pink-Dino theme idea actually started as a joke between my friend and I.
And at the end of my evite, I signed off as the Old Pink Dinosaur.
My friend got such a kick out of my "Old Dino" comment that I thought it would be cool to theme the entire party as the Pink Dino Party.
I had a blast planning the party.
Of coarse the first thing I did was design my birthday cake.
I wanted a BRIGHT pink cheery dinosaur.
Here I am adding the long Lasting Eye lashes on my birthday mascot.

I had just finished my pink dino cake when this shot was taken.
Isn't she Adorable:)

Then I custom made my very own dinosaur cookies and decorated them.

And to get everyone in the pink dino mood while we were all bowling,
I designed some cool dinosaur themed t-shirts. Everyone LUVED them!!!!
This was our most popular design. The shirt read
"RAWR, this means I love you in dinosaur language!"
hmmmmm this puts a whole new meaning to the movie Jurasic park huh..:)
And of course I had to cover the entire bowling alley with balloons & dinosaur themed table covers, cups, plates and balloons.

We all had an unforgettable time.
It was my first ever Dinosaur party and I felt like a kid again.
My Dino cookies were a huge hit too!
Who woulda thought that dino cookies would be such a huge hit with a bunch of full grown adults.

Believe it or not, it was the very first time I decorated my very own birthday cake.
I had the best time doing it...
...can't you tell:)

If you ever get sad when that next birthday comes around,
throw yourself a Pink Dinosaur party, I promise you'll have the time of your life:)


--the Pink Dinosaur!!!