Tuesday, April 28, 2009

L&R Wedding!!!

My brother's wedding was this past Saturday and it was absolutely fantastic!
All year long, we've been discussing about his wedding cake and favor design. It seem like his wedding was an eternity away, until the week of his wedding came and everything started to happen all at the same time. It was all very exciting and memorable.
I went all out for Russell and Linda's cake and it was so much fun for me to be apart of their special celebration. We did an extravagant 5 tier cake alternating with 2 tiers of gorgeous flower arrangement which made the cake 7 tiers all together.

So you're probably wondering why I don't have a shot of them cutting the cake. You'll never believe this, I was in the restroom when they cut the cake:( Sadness!!!!I KNOW!!!!!! All night I waited and just when I left for less than 5 minutes.....they cut the cake. Thank God, they had a photographer. I'll post it up when the photos are ready.
I did manage to snap a shot of the cake after it was cut. Oh and Julie one of our fabulous cake girls here also added a final detail of the knife corsage to match the cake. LUVed that idea:) thanx Jules!!!!
We also made fabulous favor boxes filled with
Russell's Favourite Brownies and Linda's Favourite Cookies.

ANNNNND........ we also made jr. red velvet cupcakes for the dessert platter served at the end of our wedding feast.

I'd like to say a special thanx to the entire Deelite team. This would not have been possible without everyone of you. All 480 brownies, 1,640 cookies, 480 red velvet cupcakes and 5 tier red velvet cake and FABULOUS floral cake arrangement. It was great doing this with all of you. You made Russell's and Linda's wedding an absolute DEEEEEEEEEEElite and absolutely unforgettable!!!!