Monday, March 23, 2009

Boom Box

We got the coolest cake request to do an 80's version boom box.
Back in the day,( 20 years ago to be exact) it was actually cool to carry a boom box on your shoulder. That soon faded as gadgets got smaller. It wouldn't be so macho if some guy professed his love to you with a nano:)
When I think of Boom Box, I think of John Cusack and the movie Say Anything. He made it look so cool and romantic. For those who haven't seen this true 80's classic flick, its a MUST SEE. Here's the movie cover.

Inside the boom box are alternating tiers of vanilla and chocolate cake with fluffy choco mousse filling.

And of course I had to add all the essential features of the classic boom box, just in case they wanted to up the volume or change radio stations at the birthday party.

And just in case ur wondering who Johnny C. was professing his love to......

HELLO, so obvious:)